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Engagement is the Past. Energy Is The Future.

Get to the heart of key topics and experience honest, human approaches and actionable solutions to real-time People, Leadership, and Innovation challenges.

Is your organization focused on the right things to create true cultural transformation, leading innovation, and high-performing teams?

You can not innovate, build trust, and create your best work in a culture of burnout. Friday Happy Hours, 90-minute workshops, and measuring “engagement” won’t solve your people, retention, leadership, or innovation problems. 

What will? A culture of accountability, understanding, and engaging the energy of your workforce.






Our sessions are custom-crafted for
your event and ideal for chief people
officers, chief learning officers, chief
innovation officers, and other top
leaders who have a vested interest in
being ahead of their competitors when
it comes to being the market leader in
innovation, people, and impact.

Customized sessions tailored for your event, your goals, the energetic transformation you want to inspire, and the specific challenges and opportunities that your organization/audience is facing.

A Keynote Tailored To Your Needs

Let’s work together to support your workforce and optimize your organizational culture.

Experiential Keynote

45-90 minutes
Best for opening or closing your conference

Experiential Keynote + Executive Session

Best for when your executives need change to happen quickly (and sustainably)

Experiential Interactive Talk

60-120 minutes
Best for a smaller room for discussion and intimate Q&A

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“The application of Anese’s work with the IEP Method® and the impact of her presence
continues to grow and is absolutely contagious.”



These sessions are custom-crafted for chief people officers, chief learning officers, chief innovation officers, and other top leaders who have a vested interest in being ahead of their competitors when it comes to being the market leader in innovation, people, and impact.

Engagement is the Past, Energy is the Future

How to Think Like a Culture Strategist and Foster a Workforce of Innovation

Year after year, organizations spend billions of dollars on company engagement initiatives and training and development programs, and lose billions more in disengagement, lack of trust, and dropping retention rates. To truly create a healthy organization that sustainably fuels innovation and results, leaders must step off the hamster wheel of ineffective initiatives and culture quick-fixes, and think differently to take action and develop deeper trust, transparency, and collaboration.

In this inspiring session, you’ll learn a future-focused approach with the IEP Methodology that shatters the status quo and creates sustainable culture change. Learn to think like a culture strategist and get real-talk on how to approach the culture and innovation blind spots you don’t even know you have.

  • Available Components: Keynote, Conference Breakout, Group Resource for Follow-Up, Executive Special Session
  • Companion Book Options: Contagious Culture, Contagious You, The Leader You Will Be (to be determined based upon venue, desired impact, and audience).

Contagious Culture

Creating a Positively Contagious Culture from the Inside Out

Most might think that culture change can happen through strengths assessments, learning frameworks for feedback, or a 90-minute workshop on emotional intelligence. We call this an ‘outside-in’ approach, and the majority of the time it doesn’t create sustained behavior change or actual culture transformation. True culture transformation has everything to do with an ‘inside-out’ approach: How you are showing up every single day, and the Intentional Energetic Presence® (IEP) you embody.

In this informative session, you’ll learn how to create a positively contagious culture (starting with ourselves first), the collaborative impact of energy accountability through the IEP Method®, and powerful transformative tools and frameworks for improving collaborations, opening communications, implementing changes, building trust and resilience, and setting your culture up for success

  • Available Components: Keynote, Group Resource for Follow-Up, Executive Session
  • Companion Book: Contagious Culture

Contagious You

Using the IEP Method® to Create Impact, Resilience, and Leadership Growth

Recent Gallup research shows that disgruntled employees cost US companies an estimated $1.9 trillion in lost productivity last year. Low engagement and disconnection deeply impacts your workplace culture and your organization’s bottom-line results. Change and shifting priorities may be an inevitable aspect of business. Yet for your workforce, changes during uncertain times can feel incredibly stressful and unstable — which can be a recipe for disengagement and burnout if not addressed. In a world of change and ambiguity, how we show up is more important than ever now.

In this session, Anese shares the power of using intention, service, and self-care as leadership skills, how to use the IEP Method® and your Intentional Energetic Presence® (IEP) to create impact, and provides frameworks for up-leveling your resilience, leadership presence, and (positive) contagiousness.

  • Available Components: Keynote, Group Resource for Follow-Up, Executive Session
  • Companion Book: Contagious You

To get started, please fill out this Virtual Event EPQ or this In-Person Event EPQ and we’ll be in touch with next steps.

Hear About the Experience 

Chip Conley

Founder, Joie de Vivre Hotels+

Anese Cavanaugh captivated a group of managers and line level employees at my company with her talk about the infectious nature of energy in an organization. She’s any company’s secret weapon for achieving profound, permanent results from the inside out…

Hamsa Daher

Executive Director, Small Giants Community

Anese took the stage at the Small Giants Summit in 2018 and delivered a powerful & impactful presentation on IEP and intentional leadership. Her style, way of connecting with the audience and content is exceptional. It was one of the highest rated sessions of the summit!

Rob Dube

President, imageOne

Anese is also one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve seen (and I’ve seen quite a few). Her energy is contagious, authentic, practical and absolutely inspirational. Every time I see her speak to packed houses, I walk away with a renewed energy to show up and do good in this world!

Alison Macondray

Advisor to thought leaders & professional speakers, Alimat, Inc.

I work with some of the world’s top thought leaders, founders, and visionary executives. In every case, Intentional Energetic Presence is key to their remarkable impact. Anese’s ability to catalyze change is a unique superpower: I’ve seen her teachings transform rooms within minutes, and her presence in my life has profoundly influenced it for the better.

Jeff Sorensen

Co-founder of optiMize and Director for Social Innovation, University of Michigan, College of LSA

We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves, but that’s much easier said than done. Anese’s workshop helped us accomplish more self-change in four hours than most of us are able to do in four years! We host a lot of workshops for our students here at University of Michigan, but this one might be the best yet.

Kristen Luck

Advisory, Growth Strategy, & Investment Banking

The content of our keynote was essential for leadership today, especially as women in leadership out to create a great impact in their lives and organizations. Her talk brought us back to ourselves in recognizing our presence as impact in today’s world, the necessity of self-care in showing up, and the gift of refocusing ourselves on ourselves in order to create that impact.

Michelle (Mick) Lee

Managing Director, Global Head of General & Shared Services, BNY Mellon

After reading her books CONTAGIOUS YOU and CONTAGIOUS CULTURE, I knew that 2020 was the year that we needed [Anese’s] talents more than ever. We sent out hundreds of books internally and she customized a 4 part series, engaging with over 2500 people in more than 12 countries. […] Her engaging approach as a speaker and moderator drew in all levels of employees at the bank and even the most senior and accomplished executive reported the lessons they learned from an hour with Anese.[…]

Joe Webb

Women in Automotive (WIA) Executive Board

Anese gave a heartfelt, fully-realized keynote to our attendees that was both endearing and inspiring. […] Anese was a stand-out presenter and we couldn’t have been happier with all she delivered. […] She also conducted a detailed breakout of her IEP Method that seemed to really resonate with our audience. She is not only the CEO of Active Choices, but also a Great Choice if you’re looking for someone to deliver a compelling message at your event or to your team.