The IEP Method

The IEP Method®

Fortifying the Lifeforce of the Workforce
for Over Two Decades

THE IEP Method Transforms Culture And Impacts Entire Organizations,

Yet It Always Starts With One Person.

When We Remodel How We Show Up Individually,

It Results In Collective Culture Change.


Clear On What You Want To Have
Happen And The Attitude You Bring


How You Take Care Of Yourself
And Set Yourself Up For Success


How You Show Up For You, And
How You Show Up For We

Why Organizations Choose the IEP Method

Personalized Development
for Each Person

Ensure the future of your culture, while seeing immediate shifts in your people today.

Accessible, Applicable,

People learn, apply and shift personal and professional results in real situations, in real time.

The Force Multiplier

IEP is the missing link that makes other training investments begin to produce even more useful results.

Immediate Positive Changes

An efficient framework that directly improves hard skills on day one, for everyone, at every level.

The IEP Method® and your
Intentional Energetic Presence®

How Healthy Is The Lifeforce Of Your Workforce?


Every organization needs at least 40% of their leaders showing up at their best, in order to create and sustain positive culture change.

The Impact of Your IEP

Your IEP, For You.

People often come into the IEP work with three common complaints:

  • I’m going to quit my marriage/relationship
  • I’m going to quit my job and leave this company
  • I’m completely burned out, and I can’t perform like I used to

When they begin the IEP work, they quickly gain perspective, accountability and ownership of how they show up, for themselves and for others. Often this results in a change in perspective. They don’t quit, instead, they show up differently, can navigate stress, and change their relationship with themselves and the people around them.

The Impact of Your Leaders

Your IEP, For We.

You’ve heard it said, “People leave their managers, not their companies.” The impact your leaders have on your entire organization is staggering. In fact, it has been reported that 69% of employees say their leader has more impact on their mental health — on par with their partner and more than their therapist or their doctor.

When the IEP methodology is practiced and modeled by management and executives in your organization, it creates a ripple effect of leadership presence that is positively contagious throughout your workforce.  

Great leadership presence empowers and encourages others to show up collaboratively and creates more space for connection, innovation, and performance. People who lead with intentional energy and presence inspire others to follow them because they want to (instead of have to), and when 40% of your leaders transform at their core, you can create sustainable culture change.  


Reduced Time and Cost of Training

Organizations that begin with IEP Fundamentals, see as much as a 75% reduction in time expended in other training programs.

Reduced Time and
Energy in Meetings

Time in meetings can be reduced by up to 7 hrs per week. For a team of 8, that is 56 hours gained for more impactful leadership, improved productivity, with less drama and less misery.

Increase in Financial

As reported by one client, “The ROI of the IEP work was $10M, in terms of cultural health, collaboration, and the customer service presence and output” they created for their customers.

Increase in Training Impact and ROI

As reported by nearly every one of our clients over 20 + years, the IEP work amplified the effectiveness and the ROI of their other training initiatives. 

Shifts in Ownership and Performance

Once individuals experience IEP, they adjust behavior, perspectives, and are more accountable to themselves and their teams.

Shifts in Mental Health that Fuel Innovation

Employees improve self-awareness, resilience, empathy, and communicate better, resulting in unlocked performance and innovation.

The Three Components of The IEP Impact Model

Create Intentional Impact With The 5-Step Framework

Build A Strong Energetic Foundation

Reboot and Remodel Your Presence

The Three Stages of Mastering IEP

Explore It.

Experience It.

Embody It.

CULTURE is the energy of the container we create
for ourselves and others – to do our best work, be our best self, feel awake and on purpose, and show up well, or not.

– Anese Cavanaugh
   CEO & Founder, Active Choices, Inc.

What Organizations Say About The IEP Method

Yes, We Have The Science, Too.

Beyond the data and studies, we also have the science
behind why emotions, energy, and bad moods are
contagious in organizations, and how it impacts your