Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™

The Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™


We are committed to creating a world where every leader, in every organization, at every level, shows up as the most powerful version of themselves, every single day.

What is the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ (PEW-i)?

At Active Choices, Inc., we’ve been co-designing organizational spaces for psychological safety, developing human-centered and positively contagious leadership teams, and creating Positive Energy Workplaces since 2002. 

Through the PEW Initiative, we teach the IEP Method® and support leaders and companies who believe in the power of healthy, productive, and positively contagious workplace cultures.

In the PEW-i community network, you’ll find collective resources around the IEP Methodology, thought leadership and culture-building best practices and trainings, and IEP Method® resources, coaches, and experts to help you create an impactful and sustainable organizational culture from the inside out.

Learn about the indicators of a Positive Energy Workplace and how to identify the health of your company culture.

Hear insights about the personal and organizational impact of Intentional Energetic Presence® (IEP) through the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ (PEW-i)

Learn why energy accountability with your leadership teams and workforce may be the critical factor for creating a resilient and sustainable culture.

How to Get Started

Begin Your Journey Become a Positive Energy Workplace and Develop a Workforce of Positive Energy Leaders through the IEP Methodology.

The Certified Positive Energy Workplace™

At Active Choices, Inc., we believe that culture transformation is based on human transformation. Create a company culture where everyone shows up and performs at their best (without burnout) and develops more innovation, business performance, and impact. Begin your organization’s journey to becoming a Certified Positive Energy Workplace through ACI’s proven impact models and proprietary, statistically-driven methodology. View programming options here.

The PEW Initiative Alliance™

We’re all in this together. We are committed to supporting healthy company cultures around the world. Part of that vision is building strong alliances with leading organizations and associations who are doing work in the world that contributes to better cultural health, business results, healthy workforces, happy people, amazing products and services, innovative entrepreneurship, and more. View membership options here.

Active Choices, Inc. Provides Resources, Trainings, and an Online Community
to Support Your Organization’s Culture Transformation

Measure & Track Program Impact

ACI’s proprietary PEW-i Diagnostic provides a baseline and measurement tool for tracking your culture transformation based on the IEP Methodology. Our team also provides strategic advisory and consulting to support and co-create your organization’s culture transformation. Learn more about our offerings to fit your organization’s needs here.   

Foundational Programs, Keynotes, Training Tracks, and Coaching Support

Set a solid foundation with your leadership team and workforce with strategic consulting and impact solutions, foundational IEP Method® training options, and enterprise-level training tracks. You’ll interact and learn from IEP Method® experts, including certified trainers and coaches. ACI also provides experiential keynotes featuring Anese Cavanaugh, our founder and CEO. 

Community Collaboration & Support

Continue to integrate your organization’s IEP foundational training with access to the PEW-i Community platform, accessible via web and iOS/Android. Based on your PEW-i membership, your organization may also access your own branded company space within the community for private connections and collaboration with your workforce.

Ongoing Trainings & Resources

Access webinar and self-study training programs in the PEW-i Community platform, with new live (and recorded) quarterly Learning Labs and training opportunities, monthly Q&A sessions, and on-demand training and resources. The PEW-i Community platform provides an easy-to-use LMS to access training and webinars.

Continued IEP Method® Integration

ACI’s IEP-Activator basic and advanced training programs will help your organization continue to internally integrate the IEP Method® fieldwork within the culture and support positive and sustainable transformation. IEP-Activators also have access to ongoing support and a private space in the PEW-i community for quarterly updates and training.

Verifiable Credentials

Begin the journey to become a Certified Positive Energy Workplace™ and support your workforce to earn their own badges to become IEP Method® Positive Energy Leaders. Certified organizations receive verifiable badges that may be renewed annually. Learn more about ACI’s credential program here.



Still have questions about the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™? Check out our FAQs page for more details. 

Results and Outcomes Powered by the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative:

  • Greater psychological safety
  • People are healthier, happier, and connected to purpose 
  • Shorter, more effective, and energizing meetings 
  • Internal workforce trust and integrity
  • Increased brand and consumer trust
  • Accountable behaviors and leadership presence 
  • Amplified and embodied training and development initiatives
  • Retention of high-performance talent 
  • Increased innovation and collaboration
  • Improved communication and feedback 
  • People come to work because they WANT to vs. HAVE to
  • Increased workforce impact (while diminishing burnout)
  • Contribution to the future health of business and humans

Explore Membership Options for the PEW-i Community

The PEW-i Community Member Portal

  • Attend Exclusive IEP Method® Live Events and Trainings
  • Utilize Self-Study Courses and Access Resources 
  • Learn and Practice the IEP Method with a Community of Peers
  • Connect with IEP Method Experts in the Community
  • Accessible via Web or Mobile App


New to the IEP Method®? You can learn more about Intentional Energetic Presence® (IEP) and how it can impact your organization’s culture by reading Contagious Culture and Contagious You by Anese Cavanaugh, CEO and founder of Active Choices, Inc.