Positive Energy Workplace Initiative® Memberships

Tap into the PEW Initiative Community & Network Programming

“We Learn in Rows. We Grow in Circles.” 

Tap into a community of peers and experts utilizing the IEP Methodology in the PEW Initiative Community Platform. Through the PEW Community, you’ll set yourself and your workforce up for success to consistently learn, practice, connect, and reflect while integrating IEP frameworks to support your organization’s culture transformation.

Solutions for Scaling

The PEW Initiative Community Platform is flexible and scalable, so you can enroll any number of members, from leadership teams to departments to company-wide membership seats. Based on your membership tier, you’ll receive access to the latest IEP Method® resources and updates, opportunities for live and self-study learning options, and curated themes and content to explore.

Customization Options

With 50+ seats (in All Access or IEP Foundations membership tiers), your organization receives a private-branded space for company-specific content and support, along with global network access for the library of IEP Method resources, tools, and support.

The PEW-i Membership Tiers


The PEW-i All Access Member Tier

Holistic organizational support, resources, and integration.

If your company is ready for our all-encompassing, done-for-you approach to culture development, the PEW-i All Access Membership Tier is a perfect fit!

The All Access membership is ideal for organizations that are ready for a robust, holistic pathway for leadership development, culture optimization, and clear steps towards becoming a Certified Positive Energy Workplace.

Your company will also receive exclusive benefits, including access to all IEP Method leader certification tracks, comprehensive support from the ACI Team, live and self-study training opportunities, and collaboration with ACI Coaches and Trainers.

Please note: All Access membership is included with all enterprise training tracks.

The All-Access Membership Includes:

  • 12 months of All-Access Membership in the PEW-i Community Platform, plus benefits included in IEP Foundations and Alliance Membership Tiers
  • Access to IEP Fundamentals Self-Study Training
  • Access to IEP Method® Courses, full self-study library, monthly best practices newsletter, community networking, and robust tools library
  • Access to live monthly Q&A sessions and quarterly Learning Labs, plus full recordings archive
  • Private, branded company space for organizations with 50+ membership seats
  • Access to earn IEP Method Certifications, including the Positive Energy Leader (Level 1 and Level 2), Certified IEP-Activator (Level 1 and Level 2), and Certified Positive Energy Workplace
  • *One IEP-Activator Level 1 seat with access to special tools and monthly Q&A’s with ACI for implementation (two seats with 24 regular members)
  • *Communications Toolkit
  • *Designated ACI Coach for kickoff, strategic planning, and support for your platform journey
  • *Strategy Session with ACI Coach 3 times per year to track participation, guide usage, and optimize ROI

*Membership requires a minimum of 10 seats for your organization to access full benefits.


The IEP Foundations Member Tier

Essential IEP Method resources, network, and training.

If your company is looking for consistent and up-to-date IEP Methodology resources and support to create a Positive Energy Workplace, the IEP Foundations Membership is an essential addition to your culture-development toolkit.

This tier is ideal for leaders, emerging leaders, and employees who want to access IEP Method Foundations content, live sessions, and support from ACI and a network of peer companies.

IEP Foundations members may access core IEP Method self-study training and tools, plus join the PEW Initiative community network with live training and Q&A options. Members may also earn IEP Method Credentials as a Certified Positive Energy Leader (Level 1).

The IEP Foundations Membership Includes:

  • 12 months of IEP Foundations Membership access in the PEW Community Platform.
  • Access to the IEP Foundations training library, including Intentional Energetic Presence® (IEP): The Introductory Self-Study Course, the IEP Fundamentals Training (8 hours recorded), and resource modules for Feedback, Relationship Design, and Creating Agreements.
  • Access to the main community network with live training opportunities and ongoing engagement, including access to “Make-it-Happen Mondays”, quarterly Learning Labs (live via Zoom) and monthly Q&A calls (live via Zoom and recorded).
  • Access to the PEW-i Alliance Leaders Circle and bi-monthly PEW-i Leadership Sessions with Anese Cavanaugh, CEO of Active Choices, Inc. and founder of the PEW Initiative.
  • Private, branded company space for organizations with 50+ membership seats. 
  • Access to apply for Certification as a Positive Energy Leader (Level 1).
  • Network orientation session (recorded) and mini kickoff session with an ACI Coach.
  • *Strategy Session with ACI Coach 3 times per year to track participation, guide usage, and optimize ROI.

The membership is renewable annually and pricing scale varies based on the number of leaders and employees in the organization who receive member access to the platform.

*Membership requires a minimum of 10 people from your organization to access full benefits.


The Alliance Member Tier

Thought leadership and culture-strategy updates.

Remain tuned in to culture-development strategies and maintain a steady IEP Method pulse in your company with the Alliance Member Tier.

The Alliance Membership is the right fit for companies who want to join the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative and connect with a network of peer companies in the community.

Companies will receive an Alliance Member badge to use on websites and social networking platforms, as well as receive monthly culture-building strategies and updates from Anese Cavanaugh and the ACI Team.

Alliance Members will also have access to bi-monthly virtual leadership and training sessions (90 minutes each) and two seats in the IEP Foundations Membership to deepen learning and IEP engagement.


Alliance Membership Investment Options:

  • 2 to 10 Seats: $5,000 per year

  • 11 to 25 Seats: $9,500 per year

  • 26+ Seats: Contact Us

The Alliance Membership Includes:

  • 12 months of Alliance Level Membership in the PEW Community Platform
  • A welcome letter plus monthly news and resources for your members
  • PEW-i Alliance Membership badge* for your company 
  • Access to bi-monthly PEW-i Leadership Sessions with Anese Cavanaugh, CEO of Active Choices, Inc. and founder of the PEW Initiative
  • Access to the Introduction to the IEP Method® Self-Study Course
  • Two seats in IEP Method® Foundations Membership tier ($1,990 value)

Alliance memberships are designed for organizations and members must be from the same company. Please contact us for enterprise-level membership options.

*Please note: The PEW-i Alliance Membership badge does not designate a company as a certified Positive Energy Workplace™️. If you’re interested in pursuing Positive Energy Workplace™️ credentials for your company, please contact us to learn more about options!

Kim Ahearn, United Airlines

Global Leader | Director – Global Accounts

“As a frequent business traveler, the PEW-i Platform has allowed me to learn, practice and stay present with the IEP Method while on the go! After a live training experience, I feel empowered and enabled to practice my Intentional Energetic Presence in real-time — even with a richly-scheduled life. The platform gives me access to the ACI Team, community, and IEP Method reminders, and the encouragement and ability to learn and re-learn on my own time is incredibly impactful. I also appreciate how the app integrates into my weekly work rituals, and use my IEP awareness to balance my tech-rich duties alongside my pencil-and-paper preferences. It is like having a ‘business BFF’ in my pocket!”

Positive Energy Workplace Membership Tiers Overview

Still have questions about the differences between the PEW-i Membership tiers? Check out our FAQs page for more details.




All Access Membership

IEP Foundations Membership


Core Membership Benefits:

Communications Toolkit and Internal Launch Support Toolkit & Launch Support Toolkit & Launch Support Welcome Letter
Access to PEW-i Membership Circle & Community All Access
(Main Network, IEP Foundations, Alliance)
Limited Access
(IEP Foundations, Alliance)
Limited Access
Private Branded Company Circle YES
(with 50+ Seats)
(with 50+ Seats)
Membership Badge + Company name in PEW Member Directory YES YES YES
Monthly PEW-i Community Newsletter & Resources YES YES YES
Special Member Rates for training YES YES YES

Participation, Training, and Certification Benefits:

90-Minute Bi-Monthly PEW-i Alliance Member Leadership Sessions (6/Year! Recorded and posted on Platform.) YES YES YES
PEW-i Community IEP Fundamentals Virtual Self-Study Workshop YES YES NO
IEP Method® Foundations Self-study Training (includes Intro to IEP, IEP Fundamentals, Feedback, Agreements, and Relationship Design modules) Access for
all Member Seats
Access for
all Member Seats

Access for
2 Member Seats

Access to Introduction to the IEP Method® Self-Study Course for Alliance Seats

Full access to IEP Method® Courses, resources, full self-study library, micro-learning, and all recordings. YES NO NO
Access to LIVE monthly Q&A sessions & Quarterly Learning Labs YES YES NO
Certification Pathway Possibilities

Positive Energy Leader Certification (Levels 1 and 2)

IEP-Activator Certification (Levels 1 and 2)

Certified Positive Energy Workplace

Positive Energy Leader (Level 1) NO

ACI Coach and Additional Support Benefits:

*Starred benefits require a minimum of 10 member seats in the same organization.

*Network Orientation Session to Welcome Members (recorded) YES YES NO
*Designated ACI Coach for strategy and platform support YES NO NO
*Kickoff session with ACI Coach YES YES
(Mini Session)
*Strategy Session with ACI Coach 3 times per year to track participation and offer support to optimize return on investment. YES YES NO
IEP-Activator Level 1 Seat YES NO NO

Tier 1: All Access Membership

Contact Us for Pricing

Tier 2: IEP Foundations Membership

2 to 10 Seats:
$9,950 per year

11+ Seats:
Contact Us for Pricing

Tier 3: Alliance Membership

2 to 10 Seats:
$5,000 per year

11 to 25 Seats:
$9,500 per year 

26+ Seats:
Contact Us for Pricing