Culture, Performance, Innovation, Impact.

What would be possible in your organization if every leader, at every level, showed up as the most powerful version of themselves every single day?

Let’s equip your people with the Intentions, Energy, and Presence they need to drive innovation, culture transformation, business performance, and impact.

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We work best with leaders and organizations who are devoted to innovation, business performance, cultural transformation, and positive impact, and who are game to do it differently.


Five Common Reasons Clients Call Us for Help

We help our clients create authentic positive energy leaders and workplaces that perform, innovate, and collaborate at the top of their game. If you’re facing any of these challenges, it may be the right time to get in touch. We are also here to help you optimize your workforce, level-up your performance, and provide powerful Keynote Presentations for your events.

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1.Conflict Draining Energy Behaviors or conflicts between leaders negatively impact outcomes and cultural trust.

2.Employee Burnout and Productivity Issues Exhausted and overwhelmed employees lead to productivity and creativity problems.

3.Challenges in Dynamic Work Environments Remote/hybrid setups and multi-generational workforces create siloes and hinder collaboration and accountability.

4.Loss of Key Performers or Disengagement Two or more top performers have left recently, or engagement drops in teams/divisions.

5.Unsatisfactory Results from Initiatives Your investments in innovation, culture, and training might not be delivering the expected outcomes and results.

How We Work with our Clients

Whether it’s a Keynote, an Executive Impact Lab, a Training, or being part of the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative, we want to set you up for effective and sustainable impact and optimal ROI. Our proprietary methodology helps ensure we’re a good fit so we can creating a custom plan to address your needs. Each solution starts with a conversation.

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Dynamically Different.

Designed with intention to fortify your cultural and leadership needs, and to create more usefully Contagious Leadership and a Positive Energy Workplace.


Executive Forums

We host monthly Executive Forums and IEP Sessions for Senior Leaders and Executives responsible for business performance, innovation, cultural transformation, and impact. Please complete the form below to request an invitation!

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Build An (Authentically) Positive Energy Workplace


Forced (toxic) positivity only leads to being more tired and disengaged. Your people are confronting chronic exhaustion and screen time overload is unrelenting. A 90-minute workshop will not fix this. Nor will “waiting for it all to pass” or “hustling harder.” You need real-time honest collaborative solutions.

Our just-in-time programs – Reset & Rise or Leadership Launch are a great place to start.

Equip Your People

Your culture transforms

when 40% of the leaders in your organization transform at their core.

ACI has three core training tracks to streamline change for optimal business and culture results.

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IEP Method®


The IEP Method® is the proprietary methodology we use to help clients create an authentic and healthy Positive Energy Workplace.

IEP is your Intentional Energetic Presence® and the intentions, energy, and presence you bring to your life, leadership, and relationships every day.

Remote or in-person, IEP is essential to personal vitality, resiliency, and leadership – to creating cultural health, sustainability, and results – and to having people feel seen, honored, accountable, drama-free, and on-purpose in their work together.

Ready to IEP?

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Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™

The PEW-i programming includes an experiential online platform and app with live training, resources, community, and more to help your organization.

Get access to IEP Method® trainings and resources.

Become a Positive Energy Workplace

Be the good kind of contagious

Explore the selection of books, featuring Contagious YouContagious CultureThe Leader You Will Be and our sought-after IEP Survival Guide.

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Enjoy the latest thinking, articles, data, and resources to support transforming your organizational energy and leadership.


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Anese talks Contagious Culture, Contagious You, Showing Up, and the IEP Method in podcasts, interviews, articles, and more. Listen. Read. Watch. All here.

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