Virtual Conversations for Senior Leaders & Executives

Virtual Conversations for Senior Leaders & Executives


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About ACI’s Executive Sessions

Join us for an expert-led virtual session bringing together C-Suite executives and senior leaders for a facilitated conversation with Anese Cavanaugh, founder of Active Choices, Inc. We cover topics essential to culture transformation and actionable strategies your company needs now.

Virtual sessions are by invitation only and for senior leaders of companies who are responsible for innovation, talent, culture, leadership, and performance. There’s no fee to participate and no sales pitch at the event.

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The Financial, Performance, and Cultural Costs of

Misaligned Energy in Your Company 

Misaligned energy in your company can lead to significant financial losses, decreased performance, and a negative impact on company culture. Learn more about the real cost of misaligned energy in your workplace, plus possible blind spots you won’t want to ignore.


ACI Executive Symposium:

IEP Method® Leadership in Action

Tune into an inspiring conversation on how the IEP Method® can be utilized in real-time to create healthier and authentically positive impact in the workplace. In this panel discussion, you’ll hear from Anese Cavanaugh and leaders from various industries who have experienced and used the IEP Methodology to up-level their leadership skills and impact workplace culture.  


The Currency of Culture:

How Presence and Energy Awareness Impact

Business Innovation and Profitability

Is your organization focusing on the right objectives and outcomes when it comes to developing your workplace culture? Many companies may outwardly share that they care about its culture, values, and mission, yet the internal story for managers and employees doesn’t match this narrative. Typically, this disconnect is rooted in a lack of presence, accountability, and awareness of the energetic impact of each and every person in the company.  

Watch our previously recorded panel discussion to hear more about how a healthy workplace culture is an actual asset for companies that is not simply a ‘nice-to-have’ — it creates bottom-line impact and profitability. Plus, you’ll hear real-world examples to show how helping your employees and leaders focus on their intentions, energy, and presence can create a contagious and positive ripple effect for your company culture that is indispensable.  


Discover how the IEP Method® and the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative® can enhance your leadership and support your workforce

In this recorded webinar session, Anese and the ACI team provide an exciting overview of our latest IEP Method offerings to support your leadership training and development and company culture initiatives.


Please note: Session topics may change based on attendees and industry trends

Previous Session Topics

Our session topics are developed based on current research, and Anese and the Active Choices, Inc. team are consistently building best practices, reviewing up-to-date data, and collaborating with clients through real-time culture-change dynamics. 

Please reach out if you’d like to request an encore presentation with your leadership team. 

The Power of an Inside-Out (vs. Outside-In) Approach for Organizational Culture Change

Creating Success with Your Cultural Eco-System Strategy

Why Energy is the Future of Culture Change and Optimization of Your Workforce

Drained Leadership Pipelines & How to Prepare for The Human Energy Crisis

Nourishing the Energy of Your Organization in the Midst of Re-Orgs, Changes, Ambiguity, and Chaos

Creating Boundaries and Best Practices for Culture Transformation Efforts

Balancing Accountability, Psychological Safety, and Impact 

Navigating Complex Culture Dynamics as a Positive Energy Workplace 

Feedback from Senior Leaders and Executives

The conversation today was exactly what I needed as a busy executive who often has no time to pause. These discussions are timely, high-value, and heartwarming and always leave me with a next step to better my leadership and organization.

These sessions are incredibly powerful to women in leadership today — I’m grateful ACI takes the time to provide a safe space for leaders to have real-talk and dig into how to address current issues in a realistic way.

ACI does a special job of integrating real-world issues, data, and the soft stuff in these conversations. I’ve been on a few different sessions, with intimate and large groups, and always come out of these calls feeling connected, inspired, and more powerful as a leader.

ACI does a special job of integrating real-world issues, data, and the soft stuff in these conversations. I’ve been on a few different sessions, with intimate and large groups, and always come out of these calls feeling connected, inspired, and more powerful as a leader.

We are beginning to evaluate the actual health of our culture, so the information and prompts that Anese provided during the session were exactly what we needed! Now I feel informed and confident taking the next step with ACI to support our needs.

The methodology that Anese showed us during the session is easy, quick, and clear. This work is crucial in today’s organizations. Thank you for creating a space to share it.