Renew Your People
4 Months

Does your organization need a reset? The Reset + Rise program is the solution to renew your people.

A solid and supportive training experience over four months for leaders and teams who need development, support, and self-care, so they can show up consistently and sustainably as their best selves, and elevate their performance, collaboration and contribution.

This program is best place to begin when your organization is experiencing these factors:

  • your people are utterly exhausted
  • your organization has just gone through a merger or a Reduction in Workforce
  • your people need connection and calibration when embracing new work formats such as Return to Office, Work From Home, and Hybrid formats
  • you went through a major disruption that impacted your culture

The Reset + Rise enterprise solution is comprised of these components:

  • Positive Energy Workplace Pre-Diagnostic
  • Executive Debrief
  • Communications Toolkit
  • Kickoff Keynote
  • 2-Day IEP Leadership Training (with Reset + Resiliency focus)
  • 15-Day and 30-Day Group Check-in
  • Positive Energy Workplace Post-Diagnostic w/Debrief
  • “Rise Higher”: Capstone Closing Event and Graduation
  • PEW-Initiative Membership Tier

Program Duration

This program is four months long from initial Diagnostic to Program Graduation.

Participants who complete this program will earn their Certified IEP Method® Positive Energy Leader: Level 1.

Reset + Rise Track Outcomes

Reactivate the energy of your workforce (in-person, remote, or hybrid)

Give people the tools to manage and be responsible for their energy

Create a collective reset, reboot, and healing for your team or organization after a challenging period

Create new ways of working that honor the human spirit AND the financial impact and results required of leading business today

Re-energize your people on the why, the what, and the how of leadership and fulfilling work with your company

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