The PEW Certified Workplace

Sustainable Culture Transformation
12 Months

Is your organization ready to become a Certified Positive Energy Workplace?

The PEW Certified Workplace track is the solution to meet your needs.

This enterprise-wide program offers an all-inclusive experience for companies who are ready to scale the IEP Methodology throughout the organization in an authentic and sustainable way to create a complete culture transformation from the inside-out.

Companies who complete the organization certification track exhibit the highest levels of competency and dedication to a positively contagious workplace culture.

Your executives, managers, and employees can experience holistic IEP Method programming and learn how to practice and apply the tools as individuals, teams, and as an overall workplace culture. Participants may also pursue credentials as a Certified IEP Method® Positive Energy Leader and/or Certified IEP Method® Positive Energy Leader: IEP- Activator.

    Program Duration

    This program is twelve months long from initial Diagnostic to Program Graduation.

    The PEW Certified Workplace Outcomes

    A sustainable and energized culture of leaders who show up well

    Greater collaboration, resiliency, and accountability

    Leadership mindset and ways of working that create cultural health.

    Top talent retention and attraction
    Strengthened leadership pipelines

    A workforce that directs their energy towards positive impact, results, and (internal and external) customer care.

    Professional development and certification opportunities your workforce can take forward for their whole career.


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