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Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization That Thrives (McGraw-Hill, 2015)

We are now in a new age of leadership. With increased competition, connectivity, and opportunities, this dynamic era requires a workplace culture that is collaborative, productive, energized, and inspiring for every member of the workforce.

At Active Choices, Inc., we believe that organizational culture can be positively contagious, and individuals can experience extraordinary leadership growth and innovation, no matter what their role in the company. It’s a culture that starts with you: showing up, setting the tone, and igniting action.

This book helps guide the way and sets you up for success to improve your leadership presence and your impact for yourself and others around you. You’ll learn the IEP Method®, a proprietary and accessible framework developed by Anese Cavanaugh, to more consistently create the space you need to pause, state your intention, share your vision, and motivate your team. It’s about personal transformation — from the inside out — to evolve into the resilient, effective, and inspiring leader you know you can be.


Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want (McGraw-Hill, 2019)

In Contagious Culture, author Anese Cavanaugh demonstrated how to cultivate an energized and engaged organizational culture that expands and spreads from person to person.

Now, in Contagious You, she focuses on the individual experience, highlighting how each of us has our own contagious impact and emphasizing the importance of leading with intention to achieve productive results. We all have significant power to influence others, whether in productive and unproductive ways.

For anyone who has sought to create change in their company or felt sucked into the drama of a toxic work environment, you’ll learn how focusing on your intentions, energy, and presence can create impact and a support your leadership mindset for effective and sustainable culture change — no matter what your role in the organization.

Through Contagious You, you’ll learn how to build your energetic awareness, strengthen your leadership accountability and resilience, and explore new ways to grow your Intentional Energetic Presence®.


An Invitation (ACI, 2018)

This short book serves as an illustrated tribute to the journey of becoming a leader; capturing behaviors, intentions, actions, and leadership “ways of being” that have been witnessed, experienced, and taught by Anese in her work with business leaders, organizations, and individuals around the world. As a leadership advisor and lover of the human spirit, Anese has performed “The Leader You Will Be” as a poem on numerous stages. It’s now available as a companion book, ideal for pairing with special keynotes and integrating into ACI’s strategic coaching and training programs.


First Aid for Your Presence (ACI, 2015)

You can take IEP anywhere! This pocket sized guide provides a wealth of fun thought challenges, inspiration, and ways to get “unstuck” at home or at work, virtually or in person, with your kids or your team. This guide is 32 pages, beautifully illustrated, and available as a companion resource with keynotes and organizational programs.