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Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want (McGraw-Hill, 2019)

In Contagious You, Anese Cavanaugh hones in on the individual leader experience, showing us how each of us is contagious in our own way and stressing the importance of leading with intention to achieve positive results.

For anyone who’s sought to create change, or felt sucked into the drama and chaos of a toxic work environment, this book will advance the notion that everyone at an organization is a leader – for good or for bad – and that leaders have tremendous power to influence those who follow their example. The quality of our leadership is based upon our intentions, energy, and presence. 


An Invitation (ACI, 2018)

This short book offers an illustrated ode to the journey of becoming a leader, speaking to behaviors, intentions, actions, and “ways of being” witnessed, experienced, and taught by Anese in her work with business leaders, organizations, and human beings around the world.  As a leadership advisor and lover of the human spirit, Anese has performed The Leader You Will Be as a poem on numerous stages. It’s now available as a companion book and can be included alongside special keynotes and as part of ACI’s coaching and training programs​.


Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization That Thrives (McGraw-Hill, 2015)

We have entered a new era of leadership. With more competiton, more connectedness, and more opportunities than ever before, this exciting new era demands a workplace culture that is collaborative, productive, energized, and contagious. A culture that encourages extraordinary growth and innovation. A culture that starts with you―showing up, setting the tone, and lighting the fire.

This book is about answering that call and setting yourself up for success. It’s about improving your leadership presence and your impact, not just on others but yourself. It’s about creating the space you need to share your vision, state your intention, and jump-start your team. It’s about working yourself over―from the inside out―so you can become the strong, effective, inspiring leader you know you can be.

This is Contagious Culture, a game-changing guide to transforming corporate culture from within, developed by the award-winning creator of The IEP Method to strengthen your “Intentional Energetic Presence.” This is more than a leadership book―this is your future calling.


First Aid for Your Presence (ACI, 2015)

You can take IEP anywhere! This pocket sized guide provides a wealth of fun thought challenges, inspiration, and ways to get “unstuck” at home or at work, virtually or in person, with your kids or your team. This guide is 32 pages, beautifully illustrated, and available as a companion resource with keynotes and organizational programs.