Positive Energy Leadership

Develop Boundless Leaders
6 Months

Is your leadership pipeline strong with your leaders showing up in a way that retains and inspires your emerging leaders?

With the Positive Energy Leadership training track, you can develop your leadership team (and emerging leaders) through focused and intentional IEP Method training to level-up their leadership skills, presence, and impact.

The Positive Energy Leadership track provides programming for up to 50 participants and ensures your leaders are set up for success with an all-inclusive training experience. Leaders who complete program requirements may also earn their credentials as a Certified IEP Method® Positive Energy Leader: Level 1.

Program Duration

This program is six months long from initial Diagnostic to Program Graduation.

Participants who complete this program will earn their Certified IEP Method® Positive Energy Leader: Level 2.

Positive Energy Leadership Track Outcomes

Build the leadership capacities and capabilities of your current and emerging leaders

Strengthen your leadership pipeline (and the desire for others to step into it)

Improve the quality of your leadership so your top performers and talent stay

Attract top talent due to the quality of your leadership and the culture that leadership creates

Create new ways of working and leading that honor human-centered leadership, financial and business results, and the best creativity and collaboration possible

Re-energize your leadership workforce around leadership

Create a culture of leadership and accountability that shows up and works together at its best.

Provide professional development and certification opportunities your workforce can take with them for their whole career.

Activate the energy of your workforce (in-person, remote, or hybrid)

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