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Pre-Event Planning (Virtual)

This intake form is intended to help us get to know you and your event needs a bit better — and — to give you space to reflect and consider what support will be most helpful for your attendees. Our partners really appreciate this thought exercise, and we hope you do, too!

Most are able to complete the questions in about 5 to 10 minutes. Keep in mind that your responses are confidential and will only be viewed by myself and the ACI team, so we invite you to share as much as you are comfortable. If you are still waiting on details, just let us know. Our intent is to ensure you and your organization experience the greatest return on investment and growth from this event, and we all direct our energy in the most effective way possible.

After your form is complete, we’ll have a quick meeting* to discuss details and answer each other’s questions. Then, if it feels like a right fit to continue, we’ll confirm our path forward!

Please reach out to info@activechoices.com if you need any support. Otherwise, we’ll be back in touch as soon as your form is complete!

To your energetic impact,
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*Quick note: You may already have a 1:1 call scheduled with me. If your form is not complete 24 business hours prior to this meeting time, we may reach out to reschedule our time together so that everyone has adequate time to prepare for the meeting.