IEP Method® Programs [Dev]

Develop Positively Contagious Leaders and Workplaces with The IEP Method®

At Active Choices, Inc., we teach the IEP Method® as a core framework to build upon for any life, leadership, relational-dynamics, or culture situation you want to repair or optimize. We offer several programs that meet the unique needs of the leaders and organizations we work with — from diagnostics to all-inclusive training packages.

If you are interested in exploring options for your organization, please contact us for an introductory conversation.


Ready to create meaningful impact in your life and organization? Learn the various ways to get started with the IEP Methodology — whether you are looking to improve and optimize your company culture or begin using IEP tools for your own personal and professional growth. All programs are designed to be organizationally sponsored to ensure continuity, scalable impact, and your best return on investment.






Create a Baseline for Your Current Cultural Health Based on the IEP Methodology

Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ Diagnostic (PEW-iD)

Get the cultural data you need with the PEW Initiative Diagnostic (the PEW-iD). The PEW-iD measures your current team/cultural health, assesses areas for growth, and guides strategic plans for next steps in repairing or optimizing performance.

The diagnostic can be completed with a leadership team, department, or organization-wide. It gauges how employees and leaders in the organization feel about themselves, their team, and their organization. It also measures your group’s placement on the PEW-i Maturity Model to identify the current level of alignment to become a Certified Positive Energy Workplace. 

We’ve found that in shifting culture and optimizing team health, 70% of the “battle” is in awareness, while the other 30% is in what you do with it. Our diagnostic offerings help create the awareness and provide recommendations for next steps.*  

The PEW-iD Package Includes:

— Access to ACI’s 55-point PEW-iD assessment to distribute. Team (up to 10) and larger group (up to 100) distribution packages available.

— A communications toolkit to support your internal communications and distribution of the PEW-iD.

— Data report of results and strategic insights from the ACI Team on areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

— Recommended next steps and a PEW-i programming plan to support your organization’s journey to become a Certified Positive Energy Workplace.

— A jumpstart into potential future PEW-i programming! 


*Part of the PEW-iD fee may be applied to certain programs should you choose to continue further. Looking for a comprehensive experience with the PEW-iD assessment, deeper work with our team, and IEP training for your leadership built in? Ask us about our Cultural Health & Intentional Strategic Leadership Lab (CHISL).


Activate and Scale IEP Method Course Training and Resources for Your Workforce

Introduction to IEP Self-Study Course

The Introduction to IEP Course is a virtual, on-demand program that can be completed in 103 minutes — with additional bonus content to support employees with using the IEP Sheet and integrating the IEP Method® into everyday life.

This course can be accessed with an organizational license, and is available at basic and premium levels. It’s ideal for adding to your employee onboarding process, using with existing leadership development modules, or providing seats for your team as a professional development offering.

A minimum of 10 licensed seats may be confirmed by organizations to distribute internally as needed. 


Tier 1: IEP Basics Course Package

— Includes access to the virtual 103 minute Intro to IEP self-study course taught by IEP Method Founder, Anese Cavanaugh (with additional hours of bonus content including IEP Sheets on how to prepare for feedback, presentations, sales conversations, client and team meetings, interviews, and more).

— PDF Fieldwork Guide to use with the training

— Verifiable course badge (upon completion)


  Tier 2: IEP Quick Start + Membership Package

— Includes access to the PEW-i Community Platform, including the full Intro to IEP Course and Fieldwork Guide

— Access to the IEP Quick Start Resources Library, including tools for individual and team dynamics (i.e. how to create agreements, our feedback model, the energetic xylophone, co-designing relationships, etc.)

— 30 Days of IEP Sheets Challenge

— IEP Fundamentals Virtual 8-Hour Training Self-Study Course (Recorded)

— Community Launchpad access with option to join live monthly IEP Q&A Sessions and quarterly Learning Labs

— Verifiable course badge (upon completion). Additionally, participants have access to earn their certification as an IEP Method Positive Energy Leader: Level 1 by completing the required milestones.


Integrate the IEP Method through the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative Training Framework, Community Platform, and Certification Program

Positive Energy Workplace Initiative (PEW-i) Membership 

With the PEW-i Community membership, your organization can receive access to the latest IEP Method resources, live and pre-recorded trainings, and an online community to support your organization’s culture transformation.

You can enroll as many organizational members as you like, at any level, to the community platform. When you add 50+ employees, your organization will receive its own branded space with company-specific content and support. Membership is by application so that we ensure everyone gets the most out of programming and that your organization is set up to succeed.

Participants may earn their certification as an IEP Method Positive Energy Leader: Level 1 and Level 2, and organizational members may begin the journey to become a Certified Positive Energy Workplace.

Contact us for individual community membership options.

PEW-i Community Membership Includes

— The PEW-i Community platform, accessible via web and iOS/Android.

— The Launchpad, featuring community support, monthly themed offerings, inspiring content, and live virtual workshops.

— The full IEP Method Self-Study Library, including recordings of live Learning Labs, IEP Method Fundamentals 8-Hour Course, Virtual Presence & Meeting Toolkit, and IEP Method RESET program, and everything in the IEP Method Quickstart package.

— Full IEP Method Resource Repository, including basic and advanced IEP tools,
Seats for the PEW-i Live Virtual IEP Fundamentals 8-Hour Trainings (held quarterly).

— Participants have access to earn their certification as an IEP Method Positive Energy Leader: Level 1 and IEP Method Positive Energy Leader: Level 2 by completing the required milestones.


All-Inclusive Training Tracks for IEP Method Integration and Optimization for Your Leaders and Organization

Organizational Training Tracks + Energy Bundles

Set a solid foundation with your leadership team and workforce with live IEP Foundations training programs (Reset & Rise, Leadership Launch, or Best Year Yet).

Training tracks are all-inclusive and provide participant access to the PEW-i Community platform (including a private cohort space) and assigned IEP Method experts, including certified trainers and coaches.

ACI’s training tracks also support your organization’s journey to become a Certified Positive Energy Workplace and encourage your workforce to earn their own badges to become Certified IEP Method Positive Energy Leaders.

After completion of foundational IEP Method training tracks, organizations may gain access to additional IEP-Activator Tracks and Certification Program, plus qualify for IEP Method Train-the-Trainer programming.

Training Track options vary based on the level of time commitment and needs, but most include:

  • Positive Energy Workplace Initiative (PEW-i) Diagnostic for participants with Executive Debrief
  • Kickoff Keynote 
  • Our flagship 2-day IEP Method Leadership Training customized to the track and needs of your organization (virtual or in-person) 
  • Customized and sustainable IEP Method learning experiences integrated throughout programming
  • Coaching and integration support
  • Communications toolkit and private community space on the platform
  • Coaching Cohorts (in some tracks or as an add on)
  • Post PEW-iD to measure impact (with the Executive Debrief) and guide next steps
  • A graduation session for all participants.

Past Participants Share their Experience with The IEP Method Training