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Active Choices, Inc. is an enterprise energy transformation company. Our proprietary methodology, the IEP Method®, is our core framework for creating impact, and we use the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative to (authentically) transform your organizational culture.

We start every engagement with our unique discovery process, and our proven programming mix includes several components to support your organizational solution. 

Our program tracks (called “energy bundles”) are created to meet your organization’s needs while also building on each other. See below for more information.

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Anese tells us what this work is all about and why it’s so important.

The Energy Bundles

Click the menu below to find out more about each energy bundle, and check the FAQ below.

➤ Reset and Rise Energy Bundle

This program is best for:

  • when your people are utterly exhausted.
  • when leaders have new reports.
  • after a major market disruption and a challenging financial year.

Reset + Rise Energy Bundle includes:

  • Positive Energy Workplace Pre-Diagnostic 
  • Executive Debrief 
  • Communications Toolkit
  • Kick-Off Keynote 
  • 2-Day IEP Leadership Training 
  • 15-Day and 30-Day Group Check-in 
  • Positive Energy Workplace post-Diagnostic
  • Executive Debrief

➤ Leadership Launch Energy Bundle

This program is best for:

  • leaders who are newly promoted or need support.
  • when your company is expanding into a new market, promoting a new service or product.
  • diversity leadership pipeline initiatives.
  • when leaders have new reports.

Leadership Launch Energy Bundle includes:

  • Positive Energy Workplace Pre-Diagnostic 
  • Executive Debrief 
  • Communications Toolkit
  • Kick-Off Keynote
  • 2-Day IEP Leadership Training 
  • PEW-i Platform Access with Company-Branded Space
  • 30-Day and 60-Day Group Check-in 
  • Positive Energy Workplace Post-Diagnostic
  • Executive Debrief
  • “Launch Higher” Capstone Session

➤ Best Year Yet Energy Bundle

When to bring this program in:

  • Annual meetings for top leaders and sales teams
  • New calendar or fiscal year
  • Major reorganization or new team
  • New business model
  • New Merger or acquisition
  • New executive team / executive team shake-up
  • Top performers award trip or incentive program

Best Year Yet Energy Bundle Includes:

  • Positive Energy Workplace Pre-Diagnostic + Stakeholder Interviews
  • Executive Debrief  
  • Executive Retreat 
  • Communications Toolkit
  • Top Leaders Kick-off Keynote
  • 2-Day IEP Leadership Training 
  • IEP Virtual Fundamentals 
  • PEW-i with access to company-branded space
  • One 4-Month Leadership Cohort with 1:1 + Group Coaching
  • Positive Energy Workplace Post-Diagnostic 
  • Executive Debrief
  • “Better Next” Capstone Session

Need a custom-built energy bundle?

Does your organization have needs outside of the scope of the energy bundles above? Contact us to build your enterprise-wide solution.


Click below to check out answers to the most common questions we receive about our programs.

1. What is the PEW-i Diagnostic?

All of our energy bundles include a Positive Energy Workplace Diagnostic, which identifies your organization’s strengths and pain points. Once we have a baseline for the  cultural health of your organization, we can determine  how best to support you. Awareness is 70% of the battle —once we know where we are, we know where we can go!

With the diagnostic, you will learn

  • The health of your culture and how your employees feel at work.
  • Your organization’s biggest strengths and challenges(including the challenges no one is actually speaking out about).
  • Why you may not be building the trust you think you are with your workforce — and therefore your customers.
  • The areas you’re excelling in that you’ll want to nourish and optimize.   

The proprietary PEW-i Diagnostic was created by ACI based on 20+ years of strategic consulting, partnerships with organizations of all sizes, and best practices for developing  an (authentically) positive workplace that creates results for employees, thus increasing revenue for the company.

*The process includes the PEW-i Diagnostic, a Strategic Debrief with your organization’s executives, and next-step recommendations.

2. What is the Executive Retreat?

A one- to two-day in-person retreat for your executives is offered with the Best Year Yet energy bundle and can be completed in conjunction with the debrief of the PEW-i Diagnostic.

Executives in attendance will learn ACI’s core framework, the IEP Method®, how to integrate it into their everyday lives, and how to encourage their employees to participate in this work.

Your executives will walk away from the retreat with new awareness and knowledge to support your workforce cultural health, and how ACI will support your organization through innovation and change.

*An Executive Retreat may be booked on its own or can be added as a booster if you create your own energy bundle package.

3. What is the 2-Day IEP Leadership Training?

This is a 2-day in-person training for up to 22 employees at the manager level. This training is included in all three of our energy bundle packages.

Employees in attendance will learn:

  • The IEP Method® and how to integrate it personally and professionally.
  • How to lead and participate in clear and efficient meetings and conversations, skipping workplace drama.
  • To become strong leaders, create positivity on their teams, and take accountability.
  • How to avoid burnout.
  • How to give and take productive feedback.
  • How to enroll and support others in this work, improving your entire organization’s cultural health.

*The 2-Day IEP Leadership Training can be done over 4 half-days virtually for particular circumstances.

*Leadership Training may be booked as a booster if you create your own energy bundle package.

4. What is a 4-Month Leadership Cohort?

Leadership Cohort’s are virtual and typically include those who attended the 2-Day IEP Leadership Training. Cohort’s are limited to 10 participants each, and include facilitated group meetings and private coaching sessions. We encourage having multiple cohorts within your organization and spread across teams if possible.

Participants in these groups learn how to become (authentically) positive leaders and how to spread this message across your organization. They also learn how to have difficult conversations, apply everything they are learning in real-time, and deepen trust and connection on their teams.

Here is an overview of the cohort journey:

*Cohort’s can be added as a bundle booster when you are creating your own program if the 2-Day IEP Leadership Training is also included.

5. Is this virtual or in-person?

Both! At ACI, we understand the power of in-person sessions — there is nothing like soaking up the energy in the room and solidifying great learning in a group setting while everyone is together, sharing the same experience. But we also understand that sometimes it is just not possible for everyone to be in person, so we also offer virtual trainings based on certain circumstances.

We hope you make every effort to have the Keynote Kickoff, Executive Debrief and Retreat, and the 2-Day IEP Leadership Training in person!

6. What do the Capstone Sessions include?

The Capstone Session serves as graduation for executives andcohort participants. Anese Cavanaugh, CEO and founder of ACI, delivers a closing keynote address to wrap up your program. In this keynote, the session will include a metrics-based summary of the program, celebrating impact points and strategic and inspiring recommendations for how everyone can continue to support the IEP work in your organizaiton. 

*This is delivered virtually.

7. What is PEW-i?

The Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ (PEW-i) Community Platform is an exclusive offering for clients of Active Choices, Inc. Organizations may receive various member access seats for their employees and leaders based on the program or membership enrollment with ACI.

The platform includes a web-based and mobile app to easily access IEP Method®  tools and resources to help your employees become impactful and productive leaders. Monthly programming includes virtual Learning Labs and Q&A Sessions with IEP Method experts, self-study courses for micro-learning, and an authentically supportive community so that your organization’s employees remain actively involved and learning.

You can enroll as many organization members as you like, at any level, to the community platform. When you add 50+ employees, your organization will receive its own branded space with company-specific content and support.

8. How do we know which program is best for our organization?

Your organization is unique! While our website provides great insight into what might work best for your workforce, we recommend having a live conversation with one of our team members to finalize your needs.

Contact us and we’ll coordinate a 30-minute needs discovery conversation with those interested in bringing this work into your organization, including any relevant executive team members. You can also email us at We are happy to discuss our bundle program options or help you create your own!

9. What is the unique discovery process that you mentioned above?

Our discovery process ensures that we understand and can meet your organization’s unique culture and objectives.

During the Needs Discovery & Capabilities conversation, we provide information about the core areas of leadership and culture development that ACI can provide support on, and various ways for us to partner. This conversation ensures that we understand your situation and specific goals.

10. We have some questions and we’re ready to have a conversation. What’s the process for moving forward?

Let’s get the conversation going! Contact us now to schedule a call. You can also email us at

The first step in our process is to have an Introduction & Right Fit conversation to better understand the goals of your organization and to make sure ACI is right for you. 

Our second step is to have a Needs Discovery & Capabilities conversation where we provide the various ways in which ACI can help you meet your cultural goals. 

Lastly, we move into Co-Creation to 100% where we discuss and finalize logistics together.

Are you ready to (authentically and sustainably) transform your organizational culture?

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