IEP Programs

We are devoted to creating usefully contagious leadership and Positive Energy Workplaces

We focus on teaching the IEP Method® as a core framework to build upon for any life, leadership, relational-dynamics, or culture situation you want to optimize (or remedy). Our programs are generally bespoke and custom-designed to meet the unique needs of the leaders and organizations we work with. You can learn more about our Organizational Energy Bundles and ala carte offerings here. If you are interested in bringing this work into your organization, please contact us for an exploratory conversation.

Executive Leadership Symposiums

We host a quarterly Executive Leadership Symposium for executives and senior leaders who are responsible for the growth, impact, culture, innovation, and well-being of their organization and who are serious about creating an authentically Positive Energy Workplace™. Symposiums are by invitation only.

To request an invitation for our next symposium led by Anese Cavanaugh (CEO of Active Choices), please contact us here.

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