EPQ: Private Coaching

Hello! Thank you for your interest in working with us privately.

We have several questions for you to help us explore what you need and how we might best work together. We find these can be highly useful for both you and your coach in organizing thoughts and pinpointing places of opportunities for growth and optimization, so please complete as much as you can. Your responses are confidential.

This form will help us pair you with the right prospective coach. The process is as follows:

  1. Fill out your form
  2. We’ll make an email introduction to one or two coaches we fill will be best matched to support you
  3. You’ll meet, dig into your pre-form, learn more about each other and this work, and answer any questions,
  4. If it feels right to both, your coach will suggest the best plan of action
  5. Our Administrative Team will reach out with the proposed plan, investment, and start date
  6. You’ll sign your Coaching Agreement and submit any fees due
  7. And you’re off! You and your coach will get started!

If you have any questions, please email info@activechoices.com. Otherwise, thanks in advance for your interest in this work and for taking the time to complete this form — our intentions are always to be useful to you before we even speak.

Look forward to next,

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Anese Cavanaugh

CEO, Active Choices, Inc.