Individual PEW-i Community Access Agreement

Active Choices, Inc. Individual PEW-i Access Agreement

Agreement. You are responsible for all of your results, your impact, everything. Your wins are yours, your “fails” are yours, you create. The ACI Team are not therapists, nutritionists, financial planners, career counselors, doctors, or anything/anyone you’d abdicate your seniority or wisdom to. Use your common sense, your best intuition, and your knowledge of YOU to make decisions. You are always at choice. You are the author here. Our team, Active Choices, Inc., and your coach are not responsible for your results. The PEW-i platform and our work together is to provide reflection, training, reframes, exploration, and tools and principles to serve you in becoming a more effective, more impactful, and more fully expressed human being.

By accessing the PEW-i Community Platform and participating in this work, you agree to own your own results and be responsible for your outcomes. You also agree that you have reviewed this form and are ready to dig in and be responsible for your results and experience. By completing the below and by participating in this work, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • I agree to own my own results and be responsible for my outcomes;
  • subject to general reporting requirements to the Company, I understand that all sessions are confidential unless I indicate an intent to break the law or injury myself or others;
  • in keeping with the spirit of confidentiality, I agree not to subpoena or otherwise request notes and documents of any of my sessions or PEW-i data, and waive any and all discovery rights as to ACI;
  • I agree to respect all trade secrets and intellectual property and if I violate this agreement I am removed from the PEW-i Platform and subject to an injunction to prevent my use and spread of plagiarized or copied work;
  • I agree to act with courtesy, civility and professionalism at all times;
  • I am registering for PEW-i Platform access as an individual. If my company/organization sponsored me in this program/platform previously, and I am no longer with my sponsoring company/organization, I understand that I am participating in the platform as an individual and will no longer be able to access private company/organizational circles or tools.
  • I agree to receive email communications from ACI; and
  • I agree to waive any and all claims against ACI arising out of my participation in the PEW-i Platform or any disclosures made pursuant to a court order or governmental regulation.