IEP Sheet

The IEP Sheet: Experience the IEP Methodology® in Action

If you are new to the IEP Method®, we invite you to watch the short introduction video so you can better understand the methodology and components of the sheet, and how to use it in your daily life!

If you do not yet have the IEP Sheet, please check with your sponsoring organization or reach out to to inquire about access.

About Active Choices, Inc.

At Active Choices, Inc., we partner with organizations who are ready and committed to culture optimization and becoming a Certified Positive Energy Workplace. Through ACI’s Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ and proprietary methodology, The IEP Method, we teach the foundational principles of creating authentically positive and sustainably high-performing leadership and cultural impact.

The core of the IEP Method focuses on the intentionsenergy, and presence that each individual is accountable for in their role and work — no matter what level they are at in the company — and how this contributes to the overall energy and well-being of the organization. 

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