IEP-W: An IEP Method® Webinar Workshop Series



Join us for this 4-part Webinar Workshop Series to learn all the parts of the IEP Method, work the IEP Leadership Model (inside and out), create action plans, participate in exercises and practicum (privately), assess the (positive and negative) financial and cultural impact of energy, self-care, and well-being so you can tie this work to your bottom line, and have a tangible action plan as well as new skills to help you have more impact, lead more effectively, bring better energy and presence to any screen or room, AND have enough energy and presence for your life and loved one and self at the end of the day. 

This is a new offering we are experimenting with during COVID-19 to accommodate schedules, budgets, time zones, work requirements, and energy management, as well as to give people new ways and pacing to truly integrate the content over 2 weeks (the live series was done over 2 weeks, you can participate in the recorded sessions at your own pace). 

To kick you off, we’ve included a light touch overview of the program and sessions which you can view on the left. While I hit some of the key topics and outcomes, and they in themselves may get you thinking, there is so much more to this and so much more to embodying it and using it to SERVE YOU and your leadership. Please get in here with me and let’s up-level our leadership, IEP, and self-care so we can get through this pandemic together personally and business-wise (and create more of the culture we wish together).

What you’ll learn and walk away with:

  1. Learn, put into immediate use, and create an IEP Practice using the 3 parts of IEP Method®  
  2. Learn about “Energetic Hygiene” and “Energetic Equity,” how to create and build them, and why they are ESSENTIAL to your personal leadership and well-being (as well as team and organizational health)
  3. Determine the monetary and cultural value of your IEP and the cost of not tending to it (you can apply this exercise/formula individually and also for your team)
  4. Experiment with the IEP “States of Being” that support presence and tone shifting in your meetings, presentations, and conversations
  5. Learn the 4 things you must tend to (NOW) in order to either prevent OR partner with, and transform, burnout (if you’re already there)
  6. Learn the IEP Energetic Xylophone – what it is and how to use it – to create more intentional impact and shift your mood and energy AUTHENTICALLY
  7. Use the 5-Step Formula for the 3rd part of the IEP Method and apply it to your next meeting, conversation, or project

IEP Method® & Impact: An Overview of how your IEP effects your (and your people’s) leadership, culture, mental health, finances, and results (15-minute preview to the Webinar Workshop Series)

  1. Session 1: IEP Method® and Impact: Using It, Optimizing It, and Measuring It (Culturally & Financially) 
  2. Session 2: The Essential You: Setting Intentions, Holding Your Space, and Leading Authentically 
  3. Session 3: Building a Strong Energetic Field & Foundation: Setting Yourself Up For Success Through the 4 Quads 
  4. Session 4: Putting it All Together: Creating Intentional Impact & Building Clean Relationships through Your IEP 

Each session includes the video workshop, worksheets (and core slides from the deck to help you anchor in essential content), and transcripts of the entire video session to help you retain information in different ways and lighten up your note taking!

If you would like to do this program with your team or organization, please contact us with the number of people in your group and we will set you up with a team rate. Thank you!

Would you like to bring this session in-house? An IEP Method® Webinar Workshop can be customized to fit your team’s and/or organization’s specific challenges, needs, and schedules via private engagement.

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