Hello! I’m so happy you’re joining us for the Leadership Resiliency Cohort (LRC) and/or Team & Culture Cohort (TCC)! These programs will both serve you in digging into essential areas of your personal leadership, resiliency, and organizational health and leadership. This is the short “application” for the coaching upgrade. The intention of this form is to give you some space to think about what you want to create in this program and also to help me know you better before we meet so that I can be as useful to you as possible.

Please complete the “entry point questions” (EPQ) below. Upon completion, and once I’ve reviewed and made sure I can support you in what you’re looking for, you’ll receive a link to enroll in the upgrade as well as a link to my calendar to schedule our sessions together. If I have any questions about your EPQ, we’ll reach out, and 99% of the time we can go straight to work! 

In addition, to get a head start, you may want to complete the Personal Resiliency Assessment as well as the Leadership Impact Assessment on my site before we launch our work together. The combination of the information on these three forms will give us both important insights. (Your responses are confidential.)

Looking forward,

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