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Hello! We are very happy to have you here! Active Choices, Inc. was founded over twenty years ago and we have spent our time, energy, and heart throughout working to help humans, leaders, and organizations have more impact and feel great doing so. We’re wildly devoted to creating usefully contagious leadership in the world and authentically Positive Energy Workplaces™ and we do so by using our proprietary approach and methodology, the IEP Method®. You can learn a lot on this site about the IEP work, the Positive Energy Workplace™ Initiative, our Organizational Programs, and Anese Cavanaugh (Founder/CEO). In the meantime, here are some shortcuts to get you where you may want to go. As always, talking live is the best approach, so if you’d like to explore us working with your organization or having Anese speak or serve as a private advisor, please reach out.

Self-Study Programs & Written Resources

Anese’s books are a great way to get to know this work, our results, and to give yourself and your team extra resources to dig into at your own pace and make it all real. Our core self-study programs, IEP-103 and IEP-W/Fundamentals are a great way to learn the basic methodology in your own way and on your own schedule. Check out additional self-study programs for leadership skills and resets here as well. 

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Keynotes + Speaking + Training

Live events (virtual or in person) are where things come to life and this work gets integrated quickly, congruently, and over time. Our events are unique, experiential, immediately applicable, and offer follow up tools and resources for deeper and more sustainable integration long after we’re gone. Whether you are an organization looking for solutions or a conference planner looking for a speaker, you can find some of the ways we work with people here and some of Anese’s core keynotes here.

Strategic Advisory, Consulting, + Coaching

For a more bespoke and customized experience, we might work together via a private advisory, consulting, or coaching engagement or we might do an entire enterprise-wide integration or organizational engagement to support you and your organization in creating the leadership, cultural, and impact results you desire. We work with clients tenaciously to create true and lasting impact and only work with partners and organizations we feel we can best serve. If you are serious about creating change, let’s talk.