When 40% of the leaders in your organization transform at their core, your culture transforms. Permanently.

Culture transformation is human transformation.

We create (authentic) Positive Energy Workplaces™

through our proven impact models and methodology.

Imagine a workplace where the norm is:

  • Self-awareness and accountability
  • Joyful, energized work
  • Long-term retention of high performers
  • Thoughtful, proactive communication
  • Training that creates lasting behavior (and optimal ROI)
  • Internal workforce trust that creates external consumer trust
  • Focus that can be intentionally directed and redirected for impact
  • Care, connection, and creative collaboration 
  • Time, energy, talent, conversations, and meetings intentionally spent
  • Authentically positive and usefully contagious energy…

We’ve been co-designing psychological safety, human-centered and usefully contagious leadership, and positive energy workplaces since 2002…If you want to create real change, real sustainability, and a truly positively healthy contagious workforce, we’d love to help you help your people.

Active Choices “has identified the elusive secret ingredient of great leadership that hundreds, if not thousands, of other[s]… have missed. [It’s called] Intentional Energetic Presence (IEP), and it will change the way you run your business.” — Bo Burlingham, Editor-at-large (former), Inc. Magazine

IEP Method Heart Diagram
IEP Method Heart Diagram


We call our proven impact model and methodology “IEP” — Intentional Energetic Presence® (which reflects the Intentions, Energy, and Presence one brings to all they do). The IEP Method® is a methodology devoted to helping people show up and create the impact they want in their lives and relationships — with clarity, integrity, and generosity — all without burnout, exhaustion, or “giving themselves away.” The methodology helps build resiliency, authenticity, congruency, and connection by cultivating one’s “Intentional Energetic Presence®” (IEP) and intentions, energy, and presence in everything they do. This ultimately not only affects the quality of our lives and relationships, but the quality of our culture, impact, and financial and business results.

This work is used in all of our leadership, resiliency, and culture programs and is based upon 20+ years of working in the trenches with business leaders, health care providers and administrators, attorneys, athletes, designers, educators, professionals, and organizations in the areas of leadership, performance, influence, collaboration, customer/patient care, and creating impact. It’s been used by leading innovators in companies and industries all over the world and is best suited for humans and organizations who value impact, vitality, and people — and who want to create authentically Positive Energy Workplaces and leadership.

To learn a bit more about our process for working with organizations, how we work with our clients, and some of the areas we focus on in the methodology and in our enterprise-wide programs, see below. 


We have a proprietary process for working with organizations as well as an intentional client journey to support our clients in creating a clear pathway to their intended results with programming and strategic advisory every step of the way to ensure true cultural change. Our Positive Energy Workplace Initiative Membership Program and Certification will launch in January 2023, however, we have been working with a few “Founding Member” organizations in 2022 to give them a head start. We have opened up space for a few more in Q4, if you are interested in being a Founding Member and getting started now, contact us.

IEP Heart in circle arrows
IEP Method Trifecta Diagram

The Leadership Trifecta: Showing Up for Ourselves and Others

The IEP Method® is a 3-part methodology designed to create greater leadership, influence, and impact while honoring our own well-being, energy, and vitality. (See the “Leadership Trifecta” above.) The method has three repeatable core components:

  1. Reboot your presence in the moment,
  2. Build a strong energetic field and foundation,
  3. Create intentional impact.

Each of these components has frameworks, principles, content, and real-life immediately integrate-able exercises and practices to bring them to life.

IEP is about Showing Up for others, and also for ourselves. It’s about taking full accountability for our life and impact and creating our experiences and outcomes intentionally. And it’s about being in clean communication and relationship with ourselves so we can figure out what we want (and need) to do and what we can authentically commit to in order to become the leader we want to be. 

When we own our leadership and work our IEP, we build a (positively) contagious culture and create impact together.

IEP Method Live! Icon

Culture Creation: Strengthening Ourselves & Culture from the Inside-Out (+Outside-In)

Strengthening our IEP invites an inside-out approach using presence, intention, and our own internal wisdom as our guides in determining which areas of the model need attention first. The model is alive. The work is continuous. There is no finish line. Our relationship with ourselves is constantly unfolding, as is our leadership and our ability to serve and create impact with others.

Whether we’re identifying and clarifying core values and congruency criteria, doing the internal work of managing ourselves and building our energetic field, learning how to protect and project our energy effectively, or navigating the external impact of leading and influencing and serving others — learning, growth, expansion, and optimization are an ongoing process.

Culture transformation is about people transformation. Just as leadership and IEP requires an inside-out approach, so does culture. True culture is built from the inside-out, starting with each person, while supported from the “outside-in” with structures designed within the organization to enable true transformation. The great news is that how we show up and lead is contagious. So when enough leaders in your organization transform at their core, your culture will too.

How we work with our clients… 

ACI has spent twenty years working with business leaders and organizations to help them show up, create healthy cultures and authentic Positive Energy Leadership and  Workplaces, and be the most powerful and sustainable instruments of change possible to create the impact they want.

We’ve distilled this work into a proprietary methodology and proven impact model that helps us help our clients get the results and outcomes they desire. We do so through strategic discovery, executive retreats, training and workshops, keynotes, leadership cohorts, coaching, and enterprise-wide integrations. Included in all clients engagements (effective 2023) is access to the PEW-i Membership Program and Repository that allows for all employees to access content, live workshops and training, private community spaces with their peers (and other professionals outside their organization if they choose), and even certification credentials that follow them wherever they go.

Each engagement is bespoke. Our relationships are partnerships. Some of our clients have become dear friends and collaborators in this work and have been with us for years. We take relationships and impact to heart.

Our intention is to certify 500 Positive Energy Workplaces and (at least) 5,000 Positive Energy Leaders by 2025. Will you be one of them?

With our proven track record of creating results with our clients through this work, we’d love to help you create yours…

Contact us to set up an Exploration & Capabilities Briefing today!



Want to explore this work further? We have an excellent process for ensuring we’ll be a good team, that everyone’s energy will be optimized in our work together, and that you’ll create the results you truly seek.  Connect with us here!

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Anese’s Books + Blog

All programs and books are mutually supportive. The programs and live events bring the books and principles to life.

IEP Survival Guide

Self-Study Programs

Our online Learning Management System allows for deeper integration into your organization and training that can be self-paced, non-time-bound, and ongoing for sustainability.


Enterprise-Wide Solutions

From IEP Cultural Health + Positive Energy Workplace Assessments to Train-the-Trainer, Learning Labs, and Private Integration Programs, we have several ways to support your organizational health and ensure a holistic lasting approach.

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Experiential Keynotes

Our three core Keynotes, CONTAGIOUS CULTURE, CONTAGIOUS YOU, and CULTIVATING A POSITIVE ENERGY WORKPLACE integrate the IEP Method, the content from Anese’s books, recent data, and best practices customized to the needs of your organization or event.


Strategic Advisory + Consulting

Anese serves as a Strategic Advisor to executive leadership and on all organizational engagements (which might include our ACI Training Team and/or your internal trainers). She also works privately with a number of executives each year.

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