Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™

Our Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ (PEW-i) provides the framework and expertise your organization needs to develop and support real culture change.

Learn and Practice ACI’s Proprietary Methodology 

The IEP Method® is a 3-part methodology designed to create greater leadership, influence, and impact while honoring our own well-being, energy, and vitality. IEP stands for Intentional Energetic Presence®, and is at the core of our impact-driven training, coaching, and programs.

Foster a Positively Healthy and Contagious Workforce

When we take accountability for our own self-leadership and activate our intentions, energy, and presence for good, we create greater psychological safety, honest relationships, resilient  leaders, and a healthy contagious culture that attracts (and retains) top talent and creates positive impact in the world. 

Create Real Organizational Culture Change

Culture transformation is about people transformation. When 40% of the leaders in your organization transform their IEP at their core, your organizational culture transforms. Permanently. Want to become a Certified Positive Energy Workplace™? We’d love to have you join us.


At ACI, we’ve been co-designing organizational spaces for psychological safety, developing human-centered and positively contagious leadership teams, and creating Positive Energy Workplaces since 2002.

ACI Provides Resources, Trainings, and an Online Community to support your Organization’s Culture Transformation

Measure & Track Program Impact

ACI’s proprietary PEW-i Diagnostic provides a baseline and measurement tool for tracking your culture transformation based on the IEP Methodology. Our team also provides strategic advisory and consulting to support and co-create your organization’s culture transformation. Learn more about our enterprise offerings to fit your organization’s needs here.   

Foundational Programs, Keynotes, Training Tracks, and Coaching Support

Set a solid foundation with your leadership team and workforce with live IEP Foundations kickoff programs (Reset & Rise, Leadership Launch, or Best Year Yet) and assigned IEP Method® experts, including certified trainers and coaches. ACI also provides experiential keynotes featuring Anese Cavanaugh, our founder and CEO.

Community Collaboration & Support

Continue to integrate your organization’s IEP foundational training with access to the PEW-i Community platform, accessible via web and iOS/Android. Based on your PEW-i membership, your organization may also access your own branded company space within the community for private connections and collaboration with your workforce.

Ongoing Trainings & Resources

Access webinar and self-study training programs in the PEW-i Community platform, with new live (and recorded) quarterly Learning Labs and training opportunities, monthly Q&A sessions, and on-demand training and resources. The PEW-i Community platform provides an easy-to-use LMS to access training and webinars.

Continued IEP Method® Integration

ACI’s IEP-Activator basic and advanced training programs will help your organization continue to internally integrate the IEP Method® fieldwork within the culture and support positive and sustainable transformation. IEP-Activators also have access to ongoing support and a private space in the PEW-i community for quarterly updates and training.

Verifiable Credentials

Begin the journey to become a Certified Positive Energy Workplace™ and support your workforce to earn their own badges to become IEP Method® Positive Energy Leaders. Certified organizations receive verifiable badges that may be renewed annually. Learn more about ACI’s credential badges here.



“Active Choices has identified the elusive secret ingredient of great leadership that hundreds, if not thousands, of others . . . have missed. [It’s called] Intentional Energetic Presence (IEP), and it will change the way you run your business.”

Bo Burlingham

Former Editor-at-Large, Inc. Magazine

Are You Ready to Create Results in Your Organization?

As a Positive Energy Workplace, your organization can experience:

  • Greater psychological safety which leads to honest conversations, authentic leadership and relationships, stronger retention rates, and ultimately greater creativity and results.
  • People are healthier, happier, and connected to purpose which means less lost time, burnout, and expense, and more energy, vitality, and drive to focus on results and impact.
  • Time, energy, talent, conversations, and meetings are managed more intentionally, effectively, and efficiently.
  • Internal workforce trust and integrity creates external consumer and brand trust.
  • Leaders and managers show up with better behaviors and leadership presence making them more trustworthy, inspirational, and effective.
  • Training and development initiatives are embodied (vs. just “done” or “checking the box”) creating trustworthy skills, sustainable behavior change, and optimized ROI.
  • High-performance talent (and good customers) are retained, while new talent (and good customer) attraction increases.
  • Improved intentional present communication and collaboration means time, energy, money, resources, and credibility saved (while creativity and output are optimized).
  • People come to work because they WANT to vs. HAVE to. (It feels good and in integrity to work for you.) 
  • You have more impact (while feeling good vs. exhausted), AND you contribute to the future health of business and humans in the world.


You can learn more about IEP and how it can impact your organization’s culture by reading Contagious Culture and Contagious You by Anese Cavanaugh, CEO and founder of Active Choices, Inc.


Authentically transform your organizational culture as a Certified Positive Energy Workplace™


At Active Choices, Inc., we believe that culture transformation is based on human transformation. Begin your organization’s journey to becoming a Certified Positive Energy Workplace through ACI’s proven impact models and proprietary, statistically driven methodology.

Learn How to Join PEW-i & Get Started

Our Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ provides the framework and expertise your organization needs to develop and support real culture change.

Learn more about the IEP Method and how to unlock your company’s — and your own — best leadership, culture, and creativity.

Our Foundational Kickoff programs, Reset & Rise, Leadership Launch, and Best Year Yet, are each designed to meet your organization where it’s at to ensure the right launchpad for desired impact. Learn more!

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