Organizational Executive

“The IEP work has helped us maximize our investments in other training we’ve done in the organization. It’s proven to be the missing ingredient to the other training initiatives we’ve rolled out. Before IEP we had people doing the training they received; they’d learn it, go back to work, “do it,” but not fully embody or own it. After IEP we had people being the work, showing up better, and being more intentional about their impact and the way they practiced new leadership behaviors and skills. There has been a new level of accountability for people owning their part in the environment we’re creating together. I was not sure how well ideas like intentions, energy, and presence would do in our organization, however, this work has been the “intangible thing” that’s making our people and our culture better. You can feel the difference.”

“There were several, but the most powerful moment happened at the beginning of the second day. In that moment, I received such an intense clarity that this work was about me. (Although I had read the book and thought I understood Anese’s model, I was still focused on my impact.) In education we spend most of our efforts in service of others. Acknowledging that developing my IEP meant looking inward was a critical turning point in helping me access my power. I will forever treasure that moment of clarity.”

“Before working with Active Choices, Inc. and learning the IEP Methodology, our global leadership team was experiencing dysfunction, including a lack of trust and poor communications.

After our work with Anese and her team, one of the biggest impacts is that we better understand each other’s intentions, have developed our ability to be empathetic and support each other, and are better able to manage our own energy and presence. The work is so important for our core leadership team that we chose to extend it further into our workforce to amplify access and impact. This proved to be essential to developing our leaders, strengthening retention, and making us a better organization to work within. As we continue to navigate transitions in the company overall, this work has helped us to build trust and accountability, lower our attrition rate, keep our organization going, and our people connected.”

“Anese Cavanaugh has identified the elusive secret ingredient of great leadership that hundreds, if not thousands, of other[s]… have missed. She calls it Intentional Energetic Presence (IEP), and it will change the way you run your business.”

“As a frequent business traveler, the PEW-i Platform has allowed me to learn, practice and stay present with the IEP Method while on the go! After a live training experience, I feel empowered and enabled to practice my Intentional Energetic Presence in real-time — even with a richly-scheduled life. The platform gives me access to the ACI Team, community, and IEP Method reminders, and the encouragement and ability to learn and re-learn on my own time is incredibly impactful. I also appreciate how the app integrates into my weekly work rituals, and use my IEP awareness to balance my tech-rich duties alongside my pencil-and-paper preferences. It is like having a “business BFF” in my pocket!”

“We implemented the IEP Methodology in our company by launching the self-study course throughout the entire organization, reaching more than 100 employees across all departments and regions. The self-paced course was the perfect solution for us, and we created internal gamification and incentives (The IEP Olympics!) to encourage cross-functional teaming and completing the course by certain dates. The level of enthusiasm and adoption of the methodology has been profound, and each individual has taken something a little different from the framework or the way they apply it in their life. One of the biggest benefits we’ve experienced is having a common language that is accessible, unifying, and transformative. It’s something Americans and Dutch can connect on, engineers and marketers are aligned, and even tenured executives and early-career contributors can find common ground.”

“After reading Contagious You and Contagious Culture, I knew Anese’s thought leadership and approach would be the right fit for our company! We co-created an internal training series with Anese, distributed her books, and engaged with more than 2500 employees in more than a dozen countries. Anese helped bring awareness to how we show up and the energy we bring to the workplace transcends technology, location, and world events. Her engaging approach as a speaker and moderator resonated with all levels of employees, and even the most senior and accomplished executives reported the lessons they learned from an hour with Anese. If you haven’t yet experienced “The Anese Effect” I encourage you to not wait another moment!”

“Anese teaches us how absolutely critical it is to align one’s physical and emotional health with the way we live our daily lives at work; encouraging each of us to get at our true passions and to pursue a single, coherent life that’s true to who we are; making clear that the more effectively we’re able to do that every day the more effective our leadership is going to be; and that the more effectively we’re able to do all of that the more effectively our organizations are going to run… From what I know and have heard, I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who’s equally open to it will benefit from what Anese is offering, many times over. Her work is an investment in ourselves and our organizations that—given the challenges of the times—is more meaningful than ever.”

“Anese is a remarkable “force multiplier” for business, and made a profound impact with our team using the IEP Method. She has deep insight into herself and others, and brings that unique skill to bear in helping people unlock parts of themselves which may be holding themselves or the business back. I can say without a doubt that Anese was, and continues to be a game changer for our business. She is one of the most credible, insightful and transparent people I know, and her professional presence has truly elevated the art of the possible, enabling us to move into previously unimagined levels of high performance.”

“Anese is an incredible side-by-side collaborator. She helps us focus on what’s most important to us—our people. We consider her a core part of our talent strategy, looking forward to each next step together.”