Private Learning Labs for Organizational Health

Leadership, Resiliency, and Cultural Health Learning Labs

Focused on time-sensitive challenges and opportunities to navigate today’s leadership and business environment, IEP Learning Labs meet the moment, give you ongoing access to training and support in a convenient and time-friendly manner (all virtual and only 2 hours/each), and help you and your workforce lead with resiliency, grace, and grit. These “webinar-workshops” can be done solo or in bundles (to build upon each other), are delivered privately for your organization (customized, oriented to your challenges, focused on the topics below, and only for your people), and can be offered as part of an existing program with Anese or completely independently as a stand-alone benefit to your team.


About Organizational Learning Labs

Self Mastery

Learning Labs are a combination of content, interactions, exercises, Q&A, and integration fieldwork to keep it all alive. Sessions can be recorded, with the organization receiving the recording afterwards, so you can use the lab internally and beyond your immediate team.

The topics for Learning Labs are listed below. You can mix and match as will best serve your team/organization. An IEP Cultural Assessment, to get a deeper sense for which labs will be most helpful most quickly, can be arranged as desired.


What’s included with each Organizational Learning Lab:

  • 2-hour experiential webinar workshop session with Anese
  • Fieldwork Integration Guide to provide tools for working through and applying training content
  • Follow-up tools to support integration (+ optional recording to be used afterwards for your organization)
  • Preparation and alignment call with primary stakeholder(s) to ensure content meets the needs of the group/organization

Featured Lab:

Expanding and Building Teams, Talent, Trust, and Culture in a Remote World

Ever-increasing virtual connectedness and distractions, demands and responsibilities, and new challenges require leadership and a workplace culture that is collaborative, productive, inclusive, healthy, engaged, and usefully contagious. Conscious leaders and connected teams are essential to creating positive financial impact, business results, and high-performance cultures. While this can be harder working remotely, it is possible. How you navigate the challenges of today with your team and culture, will determine the impact you have and where you land tomorrow.  

  • Assess the current state of your team and cultural health, the financial (and trust) impact of it, and how you might personally be contributing to it
  • Learn tools, frameworks, language, and agreements to improve collaboration, open communication, navigate conflict, create safety, and nurture an inclusive sustainable healthy culture that people can count on, feel safe and seen in, and be inspired by
  • Learn the 5-Steps to Intentional Impact Framework from the IEP Method® to help you prepare individually and as a team for any meeting, conversation, or presentation
  • Decide what kind of shifts will be most useful for your team in remote work so that everyone can participate flexibly, effectively, and congruently,in their own well-being and performance management
  • Create your plan to open this discussion with your team in a way that inspires leadership and collaboration and expands team health

IEP Learning Lab topics may include: 

The foundational lab is The IEP Method lab. The labs in the following sections will be more powerful with the IEP Method Core Lab as the foundation. Labs 1-4 in this section can be combined into a one day training. (Additional labs, levels 2-4 may be added on for a day two of training.)
  1. The IEP Method® Core Lab: Learn the basics of IEP, its core language and principles, the 5-steps to intentional impact, rebooting and managing presence, and owning that “How I show up” matters and it starts with me. We’ll focus extra on self-care and touch upon the 7Ps of burnout to create an IEP plan that will support them. They’ll also learn the IEP Energetic Xylophone for state awareness, shifting, and command. This general foundational session supports the others. (This foundational lab is 3 hours long.)
  2. The Essential You I: Values Workshop: A commonly requested topic to go further into, in this lab we do a deep dive on values and designing your life and leadership so it’s in alignment with your values and who you want to become.
  3. The Essential You II: Visioning Workshop: Another deep dive into the Essential You to help your people lay a stronger foundation and sense of vision and purpose to their work. This session focuses on visioning, mapping, manifesting, time-lining, and making it all so via intentional design, mindset, and practice
  4. Creating Intentional Impact: If you’d like to do a deep dive into holding effective meetings and conversations, spend extra time in this lab. Clean, clear, congruent, and actionable intentions are at the root of being able to create positive intentional impact. Learn how to create (and act upon) effective intentions for yourself, as a team, as an organization, for a meeting, for a project, or for your life, in order to create the best outcomes possible.

LEVEL 2: IEP LEADERSHIP LABS (Build on top of the core lab #1)

  1. Leadership Presence + Holding Your Space: Shifting presence (authentically), holding your space, managing states of being, using the Energetic Xylophone, dealing with negative or toxic energy, and leveraging the difference of an appreciation, a compliment, and an acknowledgment all have a huge impact on your energy, well-being, and influence. We dig into your presence (and strengthen the muscle of shifting it) for two hours in this lab.
  2. Leader-Care aka Self-Care 501: Navigating/transforming/preventing burnout, going beyond what we often think “self-care” is, holding self-care as a true leadership skill, creating a real plan that is actionable and authentic to YOU are all areas of focus for this lab. This lab digs DEEP into the “7Ps of Burnout” as well as IEP Model Quadrant 1: Physical/Environment and, Quadrant 2: Mental/Emotional Energy. Participants will identify their self-talk habits, unpack the 3 things they are likely doing to sabotage their own self-care, bust any myths they may hold about self-care, and design a nourishment/IEP practice that supports them and sets them up to thrive (their way).  
  3. Productive Feedback and Inspiring Accountability:Dig into the IEP Feedback Model – for the tangible and intangible areas of feedback. Hold accountability in a way that inspires vs forces and invites everyone to get on board because they WANT to vs. HAVE to.
  4. Building Leadership Trust & Congruency: Your ability to build trust with others is directly related to your own internal congruency and self-trust. Learn how to identify and honor core values and criteria for congruency while building fulfillment and credibility at the same time.


  1. Building Relationships + Networks:Increase trust and lay the foundation for a healthy dynamic by designing relationships proactively (at any point in the relationship cycle). Learn intentional networking, how to lean into the discomfort of expanding your circle, making sure your circle is the RIGHT circle, clarifying assumptions, and creating agreements and expectations in a relationship. 
  2. Conflict Navigation, Relationship Repair, and Rebuilding Trust: Learn how to identify what the conflict actually IS and if it is a “they” conflict, interpersonal, or simply a miscommunication. Learn effective productive apologies and repairs, loving your “nemesis” (model and exercise), how to name lost trust, and how to rebuild moving forward.  
  3. Building Team Health: Creating the conditions for healthy dynamics in your relationship (personally and professionally) via clear agreements, conscious boundaries and requests, life-giving accountability practices, and clean EG “energetic hygiene” (EG = so you don’t project your stuff all over your team or those you love and lead) is essential to building team trust, health, and productivity — especially remotely. Learn 3 frameworks for agreements, boundaries, and clean EG that will help you create a safe container for teaming.
  4. Addressing and Shifting the “Lowest Vibration” in the Room: Learn how to work with negative energy in your meetings (and ensure first that YOU are not the one bringing it).


  1. Preventing, Transforming, and Navigating Burnout: Learn The 7Ps of Organizational and Personal Burnout AND identify your CORE FOUR susceptibilities. Create your Personal Partnership Plan with my new exercise and formula for navigating burnout (or “getting in front of it” altogether). Determine boundaries, hard stops, criteria, and communication necessary to partner with yourself more intentionally. Change your relationship with leadership and self-care to build resiliency and transform “busy,” burnout, and overwhelm quickly. Create an action plan for leadership nourishment, getting support, and discerning next steps​. And finally, work your own “IEP Contagion Formula” so you save energy AND have more impact.
  2. Building Resiliency: Work through the IEP Resiliency Model (there are 7 phases of resiliency), identify where you’re at and what support you need now, learn tools and inquiries to support you in this moment, and create a plan to make it real after the session.
  3. Choice Points + The Science of Showing Up: We are met in almost every moment with “choice points” as to how we see the world, ourselves, each other, whether we see problems or opportunities, dark or light, complaints or requests, people or objects, and more. Every moment, every thought, every action, offers a new choice. Whatever we choose determines if we “expand” or “contract,” if we become an “invitation” or “repellent,” and how much resource we’ll have available to us to decide our next best move (even in the toughest scenarios). What’s more, each “choice point” rewires our brain so we will do more of the same. In this session we will dig in, identify default choice points, and choose new ones, and strengthen helpful ones, that serve.
  4. The Financial & Cultural Impact of Negative Energy in Your Organization: Dig into the actual costs — financially, culturally, and ethically — of negative energy in your life, on your team, and/or in your organization. And then set your first three steps in place to tend to it (immediately following the session).


If you know you want to do a private internal session for your organization, and/or to create Learning Lab Series, please complete the form below so we can set up a call to co-design a custom experience for you. Examples of private learning lab topics and outcomes are below.  

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