Meet the Stewards

Your guides on the journey to Showing Up

Our IEP-Certified Stewards (IEP-C) go through a robust process over 18-24 months to learn to share the work in a way that is honest, effective, authentic, and powerful. IEP-C’s work independently and also as part of our team when we want a little extra magic! They are committed, caring, devoted to impact, embody the work, and we are so happy to have them! In addition to our growing IEP-C Team, we have an evolving team of IEP-Trained Stewards (who work within their own organizations to lead this content and are not listed here as they are private). You can learn more about the different levels and requirements of Stewardship here. If you are interested in engaging one of our IEP-Cs through ACI, please contact us

Kelly Poppaw
IEP-Certified Steward (and so much more!)

Kelly is devoted to serving the world by connecting with human beings and teaching them about the impact of loving and knowing themselves. She works with healthcare and hospital systems who wish to optimize their patient care. She holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Grand Valley State University and received her bachelor’s from Eastern Michigan University while competing as a NCAA Division One athlete and Captain of the Women’s Soccer Team. She is nationally recognized as a Certified Integrated Manual Therapist and is a Clinic Director at Probility Physical Therapy in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Focusing clinically in outpatient orthopedics, she treats patients from birth to adult to geriatrics.

As a Lead Instructor with Great Lakes Seminars, she provides continuing education across the US for health and medical professionals. Passionate about teaching clinicians to think systematically, she helps them find the root cause of patients’ symptoms. Kelly is known as an engaging, insightful speaker who has been invited to key-note at international healthcare and leadership symposiums alongside luminaries Brené Brown, Daniel Pink, and Lee Woodruff. Her talks emphasize seeing patients as people, treating them from the inside-out, and perceiving their cases as puzzles to connect with in order to solve. She accounts the experience of becoming an IEP Certified Steward as one of the best experiences of her life. She witnesses clinicians making positive choices in their own lives, correlating directly to positive and measurable outcomes in patient care.

Dana Schon
IEP-Certified Steward (and so much more!) 

Dana Schon serves as the professional learning director for School Administrators of Iowa. She coordinates, plans, and delivers learning opportunities to support Iowa’s principals, superintendents, and central office leaders in having impactful leadership. Through this role she has studied, developed, and promoted the concept of a quality leadership-life fit, important not only to school leaders but to all of us. In pursuing her passion to help others create impact in the world while living their best life, she encountered Anese’s Intentional Energetic Presence work. She firmly believes that working your IEP is the key to having a quality leadership-life fit and powerful impact, so she looks for opportunities to share the methodology whenever and wherever she can!

In addition to her BA degree from Buena Vista University, Dana has a doctoral degree in educational leadership from Drake University and two masters degrees (Wayne State College and Drake University). A perpetual student and life-long learner, she continues to participate in trainings and take classes.

When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, she is spending time with her family and getting in a run here and there.

Level up by becoming a steward.