You're Invited

the Leader You Will Be…

is an invitation to the leader in all of us to step up, shine bright, be real, do good, and bring our best selves to the table for (positive) impact, love, and living lives well lived.

Inspiration for leaders of any age

This short book is an illustrated journey of leadership and becoming, speaking to behaviors, intentions, actions, and “ways of being” witnessed, experienced, and taught by Anese in her work with business leaders, organizations, and human beings around the world over the last twenty years as a leadership advisor and lover of the human spirit.

Lean in and show up as the leader you will be:

  • Performed on stages around the country for audiences who want to have a more meaningful impact in business and life, and who want to do it in their own authentic way.
  • It’s an invitation, not a prescription, and it is for you in whatever way fuels you most.
  • Use it, share the love, keep it for yourself, read it to your kids, give it to your team, leave it as a secret leadership admirer gift for people you care about, and enjoy.
  • Pick one thing, pick five, but dig in, and take the invitation. So lean in, get your game on, and show up as the leader you will be…

“The author is the real deal and it shines through in her words. This is, without doubt, the most insightful and creative book on leadership I have ever read.”
—Jan Bragoli

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“If Dr. Seuss and Brené Brown got together to craft the ultimate book on leadership, this would be it…”
—Linda Sivertsen

Words From the recently inspired…

I feel like I’ve been reading business and leadership books my whole life. (I was the weird kid who liked this genre even as a kid.) But I have never read one that’s wiser, more fun, or more memorable. I’ve seen the author recite this “invitation” on stage to an enthusiastic standing ovation and have been waiting for a copy to hold in my hands and give as gifts for years. The best way I can describe it is this: If Dr. Seuss and Brené Brown got together to craft the ultimate book on leadership, this would be it. Since that’s impossible, it’s a good thing we have Anese. I’d follow this gal anywhere.

Linda Sivertsen

This is a must have, must read, must live for everyone having or considering a leadership role. The author is the real deal and it shines through in her words. This is without doubt the most insightful and creative book on leadership I have ever read.

Jan Bragoli

This book is the real deal. Reading it will make you smile. It will also make you shake your head in agreement at every other (page) turn. Mostly, it will leave your flickering internal light bulbs on, full blast. For days. Probably longer. “The Leader You Will Be” is very much an invitation, as the title states. Because it doesn’t preach. It doesn’t talk down at you. Instead, it makes you put on your dress and go to the party. Everyone can be a better leader. This will actually make you want to. More than that, it will make you feel like you CAN. Simplicity and depth are a rare combination, and one Anese Cavanaugh has mastered. She guides us to intend, to get present and to show up, like she does in all the IEP work she’s authored. This book in particular, though, has an added surprise: it calls on you to do better while inspiring you to be better… which makes it a delightful read for anyone who is an exec, aspires to be one… or is working on being a better CEO of their own lives. Well done.

Andrea Vieira

I highly recommend this book for any organization or individual person who mentors others. It beautifully articulates the many great qualities and positive effects a good leader has while also highlighting pitfalls of poor leadership. This book is perfect for those who are just starting their leadership journey as well as the seasoned professional who may or may not realize they need a reminder of how good leading can look and feel.

Stephen Harms

In the simplest form, Anese explains leadership. This is a book I’ll hand down to my boys. At 10 and 7, they are ready to understand what it means to show up and lead. The bonus, it follows our most favorite books we read each night. Leadership made simple…it takes all of you, caring for people, showing up, and practicing curiosity and gratitude. Thank you, Anese! Another great read.

Kallie Jenkins

A generous open soul read! Truly an inspiration for all ages to believe in our own potential and dreams. Thoughtful and intentional words by a beautiful artist, leader and woman. Thank you Anese.

Brianna Manasas

I had the privilege of hearing Anese deliver in person—the entire time I had goose bumps, it was so inspiring! She describes the leader I aspire to be, the leader I sometimes am and the best leaders I’ve ever known. I am going to buy for my son because he’s in a new leadership role—I can’t think of a better gift.

Dana M. Smathers

This book is perfectly written for all ages and levels of leaders. It helps those who want to grow and are looking inward but aren’t sure where to look for guidance. I am also excited to read it to my kids as they grow up so they understand how leadership should look from them and feel to others.

Aaron Centric M.D.

Love, love, love! I have been motivated and encouraged by Anese, on so many levels, this is just the inspiration I needed. Thank you for all you do for Women!

Shay Franco-Clausen

I heard Anese Cavanaugh deliver this poem in an address earlier this year and it immediately stuck with me. It’s fast-moving and fun, but its message is quite powerful: these are the qualities, characteristics and behaviors that any leader should espouse. It’s a quick read, but one that will stay with you — not only because of its rhymes and pace — but because what she’s written rings so true: showing up and being really present is almost the entire battle.

J. Cason

Consume, enjoy, and make this inspiration real in your own life—this is what I plan to do! Exceptional!

Emily Della Maggiora

With The Leader You Will Be, Anese has written an utterly unique classic. This small but mighty book is gift to anyone short on time and looking for entertaining, timeless truths. I highly recommend it!

Larry Metter