Leadership & Culture Cohorts

After twenty-plus years working privately with organizations and business leaders to build stronger leadership and healthier positively contagious cultures, I am opening this work up publicly to support entrepreneurial business owners, executives, and leaders in smaller organizations who want to build culture, create more effective teams, eliminate the drama and exhaustion that happens when these things are not in place, and set themselves up to thrive as a team as we move forward. This is a comprehensive program that works from the “inside-out” so that the results you create are congruent, honest, and sustainable.

The next Team Health & Cultural Sustainability Cohort starts April 7th, 2021. Spaces are limited.

Tuition: $3,500 | Coaching Upgrade: $2,500 (by application)

[To book a private cohort for your organization, contact us. Minimum 10 people/cohort.] 

If you are:

  • having a hard time creating connection and a healthy culture in a remote world
  • having a hard time getting people back into the office and defining what a “healthy culture” looks like now
  • wasting time and energy on team dynamics, misunderstandings, unclear expectations, and unproductive communication
  • tolerating behaviors, “ways of being,” and performance that is dragging you, your team, and your business results down
  • exhausted by the “lowest vibration in the room” (or maybe, if you’re being really honest, exhausted by yourself)
  • not clear about what culture means to you now, how to even begin to assess cultural health, or how you are going to build solid trust and connection moving forward in a post-pandemic world
  • desiring an up-level in how you feel, how you pursue your mission, how your team works together, how you build culture, and how YOU lead
  • wanting to simply nourish and support your people, your culture, your clients, and yourself in the best way possible now…

Please check out this cohort. This is a special event. Spaces are limited and I truly am not sure when I’ll do it again.

We kick off (virtually) April 7th, 2021.

Anese teaching
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IEP Training Cohorts give you:

  1. The experience of the IEP Method® (Intentional Energetic Presence®) which is a proven methodology that helps people show up better, create more intentional impact, reduce burnout, and build healthier teams and cultures.
  2. Real-time application of the concepts and content in my book CONTAGIOUS CULTURE.
  3. Hands on experiential training to support team, cultural, and leadership health.
  4. Connection and community with other business leaders you learn with and from in the cohort (while your challenges may be different, there are always themes). I purposely keep cohorts small to allow for more connection, intimacy, and attention.
  5. Peace of mind knowing that not only are you not alone in the challenges you’re facing, you are supported by other leaders who share the care for a healthy organization. (Note: Isolation and feeling “solo” in leadership are some of the greatest causes of what I call “leadership depression” — these cohorts are crafted with this in mind.)
  6. Integration pacing that allows this work to become a habit and part of your daily practice and leadership presence so that you create sustainable results and ways of being that will serve you long after the cohort.
  7. A level of commitment in your leadership that you can stand confident in knowing you are doing all you can to set yourself and your team up for success as you lead through this time.

The Culture Cohort meets as a group for 8 weeks (90 minutes a week) for training and coaching. We kick off with assessments and light pre-work to set you up. And then we go… In between sessions, you will integrate the content and practices into your life and leadership so that they are a fit (AND STICK) for you and your organization’s unique needs authentically and sustainably. For those who want extra support, there is an optional private coaching upgrade.

When you feel overwhelmed, when you can’t find time to take care of yourself, when you feel daunted by leadership or the world, and when you want to up-level your leadership impact and culture…BUT you don’t have the time or energy (or money or bandwidth) to do so. THAT IS the time to do so. For the health of you, your organization, AND your business results, you must create the space. This program creates that space for you over eight weeks. Light touch, deep impact. You need only show up, be present with me, and apply what you learn.

Team Health & Cultural Sustainability Cohort Agenda:

PRE-WORK: Team, Culture, and Cultural Sustainability Assessment. You’ll start this cohort with two assessments to identify where your team and organization is at, what you need, and potential blindspots that — tended to and nourished — can move you to the next level and beyond. You’ll use this as an anchor for your program for your team/cultural work. Then, using the IEP Method® and a wide range of tools and practices we dig in.

The first session is focused 100% on your and your IEP and leadership, then we dig into your team and culture. The sessions will cover the following (depending on the needs of the group, the order may shift).

  1. Session #1. YOU as Leader in Your Organization: Applying the IEP Method® for Immediate Impact, Congruency, and Clarity (3 hours)
  2. Session #2.  The “Super 7 of Cultural Health” (post pandemic): Measuring and Planning for the Costs & Benefits of YOUR Organization’s Health 
  3. Session #3. Identifying, Creating, and Honoring the Vision and Values of Your Team & Cultural Health NOW.
  4. Session #4. The 7Ps of Personal and Organizational Burnout in 2021: Creating a Plan for Your Workforce
  5. Session #5. Skills Building: Creating Agreements and Expectations that Set the Tone for a Healthy Culture
  6. Session #6. Skills Building: Authentic Communication Practices for Building Trust, Safety, Growth, and Accountability
  7. Session #7. Skills Building: Navigating Conflict and Managing the “Lowest Vibration” in the Room
  8. Session #8. Creating Change and Honoring the Well-Being of All as You Move Forward

Note: Each group will have core fundamental content we work on. Based upon assessment results and the members’ needs, the “exact” agenda and content-timing will be designed to fit the needs of each cohort. Cohort sessions will be recorded and distributed for cohort members only.

Process: Register and Dig In!

Cohorts meet for eight weeks as a group, 90 minutes each week, to dig into content and group work. In between sessions, you’ll have light integration work so that the content becomes REAL in your life. If you would like additional support, you may apply for a private coaching upgrade. If you’d like to bring your team, team rates apply for 4 or more people.

The process and components are as follows:

  • Register below for the next cohort to secure your space.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your space in the course along with links to a few assessments and suggested pre-work should you like to get started early.
  • If you would like to take advantage of the optional coaching upgrade, you’ll be asked to fill in a short form to help us work together more effectively. Once I’ve reviewed it, you’ll be sent a link for payment and a link to my schedule to set your times up.
  • You will receive your materials for the program three days before we launch as a group. You will receive additional structures to support you throughout our work together.
  • We’ll meet for eight 90-minute sessions (virtually), once a week (Wednesdays, from 12pm – 1:30pm Pacific), as a cohort to work the IEP Method®, dig into content, work on real-time challenges, and learn skills, practices, and ways of being to support integration throughout the week.
  • At the end of eight weeks, you will receive an “IEP Cultural Leadership Certificate of Completion” for this cohort.
  • To support your ongoing learning and integration, you will also be given access to the remaining 2021 IEP Learning Labs (monthly live trainings to support your ongoing growth, $999 value).

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Spaces limited. Register below.

Culture Cohort begins April 7, 2021.  

Let’s do this!

Team & Culture Cohort

For leaders who want to up-level the IEP of their organization as well as their ability to lead their teams, create trust, safety, and connection (especially remotely), and build a healthy and sustainable positively contagious culture.

  • Assessments and Pre-Work
  • 8 weeks of group cohort meetings — 90 minutes each (includes content, Q&A, exercises, and coaching)
  • Training Integration & Fieldwork Guide for Cohort
  • Access to the Weekly IEP Culture Beat for weekly cadence and accountability support
  • Access to online Virtual Presence & Meeting IEP Toolkit and IEP School Level 2 (Team & Relationship Mastery)  
  • Access to IEP Learning Labs through the end of 2021 to support ongoing integration and training
  • IEP Cultural Leadership Certificate of Completion
  • Spaces limited

Investment: $3,500/person

Team Rate: Save 20% when you enroll 4 or more from your team (CODE: TEAM at checkout)

Coaching Upgrade: $2,500 (includes three fifty-minute private sessions with Anese and additional integration support)

Thank you for being here! We do our best to pay this work forward in multiple ways and we can’t do it without you. Please know that 10% of our monthly profits go towards supporting food security and 10% of all proceeds go into a scholarship fund to help subsidize business leaders who’ve been significantly impacted by the pandemic and cannot afford to pay full fees in our programs. If you would like to sponsor someone in a program or know someone who can benefit from our intentions here, please let us know. Thank you for your partnership, leadership, and support.

Anese talks about the IEP Training Cohorts in this 5-minute video. There are two cohorts: Leadership & Resiliency and Team & Culture. You can do one or both. We alternate cohort offerings. If you’d like to be on the waitlist for the next cohort that is NOT current, please put yourself on the waitlist (as mentioned above) and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re opening a new one! Thanks!