2023 IEP-Activator, Level 2 Training Program Application

2023 IEP-Activator, Level 2 Training Program Application

Please Note: The upcoming cohort has been filled, however, you are welcome to still submit your applications to join the wait list! 

Hello! You are on this page because you have expressed interest in being an IEP-Activator, Level 2 in 2023! Please read the following information, complete your application, and submit ASAP. We will review applications and  announce the final IEP-Activator Team on December 15th. If your application is accepted, our group kicks off  in January. We’ll  release pre-work on January 10th and officially launch on January 19th as a team, so you have plenty of time to prepare.

What is the IEP-Activator Program (Level 2)?

The goal of the IEP-Activator Program, Level 2 is to support the IEP Method®  work internally with D-Ford in partnership with ACI. A team of up to 8 Level 2 IEP-Activators will work with the ACI team directly to deepen their leadership skills, learn how to support and champion IEP content, serve as internal coaches and advocates for the program, have a presence at larger training events, and share content inside D-Ford with ACI guidance. Additionally, IEP-Activators receive training and access to coaching throughout the year.

What are the requirements for being a Level 2 IEP-Activator?

This year we are excited to offer Level 2 IEP-Activator Training, which requires that the participant has been in either 1) a previous IEP-Leadership Cohort or 2) in the IEP-Activator Program in 2022. IEP-Activators will have support from their People Lead to participate in this program.

IEP-Activators will learn how to coach on and share 20 core tools of the IEP Methodology, facilitate their own sessions for their teams using learning labs and other resources throughout the year as bandwidth permits, and learn how to “hold the container” for the work and more connected leadership.  Additionally, IEP-Activators will have access to a special private IEP-Activator Forum to receive support, continue to build community, and deepen the work. 

The Level 2 IEP-Activator program is an elevated experience from the Level 1 track, and is a step towards ACI’s IEP Teacher track (where you learn to instruct others on IEP Fundamentals and Advanced programming).

There are up to 8 spots in the 2023 IEP-Activator, Level 2 Program. If you would like to participate, please fill out the application below! 

Application Process

If you’re ready for next-level IEP work and want to help pay it forward with your peers, learn more skills in coaching and facilitation, and deepen your IEP practice and knowledge, we’d love to have you. Please follow this process:

  • Review the program components below to ensure you understand the requirements.
  • Complete the IEP-Activator Application. Applications are due by 11:59 PM PST on December 9, 2022.
  • After submitting your application, you’ll receive an email confirming receipt of your application. If you do not receive confirmation, please email us at sandy@activechoices.com.
  • We will announce program participants via email on December 15, 2022 and provide next steps. If your application is not accepted at this time, we will also be in touch via email to share additional resources so you can keep practicing the IEP work.

Program Components

Please review the components below to learn more about the assignments, trainings, resources, and timings to expect with this program.

  • Pre-work and Pre-Assessment to support your experience — early January*
  • Team KickOff Session January 19th, 2 PM EST*
  • Core IEP-Activator Training in Detroit — March 21-24*
  • Access to all Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ programming , the app, and live group events.
  • Access to special IEP-Activator only Labs & Drills (2-3 hours each) and Monthly Q&A calls (1 hour each) to support activation.  (Attend at least 70%) 
  • Two Special D-Ford-Only IEP-Activator Learning Labs (2 hours) over the course of the year for D-Ford specific planning and activation — timings TBC. 
  • Access to Private 1:1 Activator Coaching Bank (50 minutes) to support activation. To be scheduled as needed.
  • Post-Assessment to determine next steps and measure impact* — timing TBC.
  • Professional Credentialing as a Certified Positive Energy Leader upon completion of program requirements.

* Please note: These components are considered mandatory to set yourself up for program success and be an IEP-Activator.
Approximate time commitment for the full program (including pre-work/assignments and live sessions) is approximately 1-1.5 day(s) or 8-12 hours per month.


Please complete the application form below to confirm your interest and understanding of the program components and requirements. We will be in touch via email on December 15, 2022 with information and next steps. Thank you!