Introduction to the IEP Method® Course

Intentional Energetic Presence® (IEP):
The Introductory Self-Study Course

About this Training

The Introduction to IEP Course is a virtual, on-demand program that can be completed in 103 minutes — with additional bonus content to support employees with using the IEP Sheet and integrating the IEP Method into everyday life.

Equip yourself and your team with knowledge and training so they have the intentions, energy and presence to show up as their best selves each day.

With the IEP Methodology, you can drive more innovation, culture transformation, business performance, and impact. 


Leaders & Teams


Virtual On Demand


Self-Study in Less
than 2 Hours


Videos and Fieldwork

Course Program Outcomes

  • Learn out to show up more effectively and authentically in any conversation or workspace. 
  • Learn how to prepare for creating intended impact in conversations, interviews, presentations, meetings, complex dynamics, and more.
  • Improve leadership presence and impact immediately — commanding your state and setting yourself up for success before you even walk into a room.
  • Take full accountability for the experience you are creating in your leadership and relationship dynamics.
  • Create a personal leadership accountability plan for integrating the methodology into your life and leadership in the ways that will support your impact more. 

Training Components

Introduction to IEP Self-Study Course includes:

  • Access to the virtual 103-minute self-study course taught by IEP Method Founder, Anese Cavanaugh
  • Receive additional hours of bonus content, including IEP Sheets on how to prepare for feedback, presentations, sales conversations, client and team meetings, interviews, and more.
  • PDF Fieldwork Guide to use with the training.
  • Verifiable course badge (upon completion).

Enroll Today

The IEP Introductory Self-Study course can be accessed with an organizational license, and is available at basic and premium levels. It’s ideal for adding to your employee onboarding process, using with existing leadership development modules, or providing seats for your team as a professional development offering.

Basic Level Training License (1 Year Access)

A minimum of 10 licensed seats may be confirmed by organizations to distribute internally as needed. A basic level training license package provides access to coursework hosted on ACI’s static learning management system.

Once enrollment and payment is completed, you will receive access instructions via email. Individual users receive login instructions and may complete the course at their own pace.

Intentional Energetic Presence®: The Introductory Self-Study Course

$4,995 USD

License for 10 Seats. 1 Year Access.

Best Value: Premium Level Training, Membership, & Certification 

With the IEP Foundations Premium Program, you receive one-year access to the Introduction to IEP Self Study Course — PLUS — employees can take advantage of additional IEP Method tools/training, gamified resources, and live PEW Initiative community support! All coursework is delivered on ACI’s dynamic community portal, the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative™ Community Platform.

Premium program participants also receive access to earn their certification as an IEP Method Positive Energy Leader: Level 1 after completing the required milestones.

The IEP Foundations Premium Program includes:

  • Access to the PEW-i Community Platform, including the full Intro to IEP Course and Fieldwork Guide. Verifiable course badge can be earned upon completion of the course. 
  • Access to the IEP Quick Start Resources Library, including tools for individual and team dynamics (i.e. how to create agreements, our feedback model, the energetic xylophone, co-designing relationships, etc.)
  • 30 Days of IEP Sheets Challenge
  • IEP Fundamentals Virtual 8-hour Training Self-Study Course (Recorded)/
  • Community Launchpad access with option to join live monthly IEP Q&A Sessions and quarterly Learning Labs.

IEP Foundations Premium Program

$9,950 USD

Includes access to Premium Introduction to IEP Self-Study Course + additional IEP Method courses/tools.

License for 10 Seats. 1 Year Access.

The IEP Foundations Program Outcomes:

  • Increased awareness and ownership for impact in how each person shows up creating the culture of the team via their own presence and impact
  • A shared language as a team to navigate feedback, agreements, relationship design and dynamics, and general collaboration practices. 
  • A deeply embedded IEP practice individually and as a team that will support any conversation, meeting, or project.
  • Improved meetings, accountability, and productivity during meetings (and less meetings needed!)  
  • A culture of accountability for helping things go better, showing up well, and being responsible for impact and creating the results you want as a team. 

Looking for enterprise-wide solutions?

The IEP Introductory Self-Study Course and Foundations programs are available for large teams, departments, and organizations. Reach out for more information.