IEP LL5+ Leadership Cohort Application

Fall 2022 — IEP LL5+ Leadership Cohort Application
Application for Fall Cohort due no later than 10.3.22!

Hello! You are on this page because you have expressed interest in participating in the LL5+ Leadership Cohort Program this Fall. Please read the following information, complete your application, and submit ASAP. We will be determining the final Cohort Members on October 5th, launching on November 1st, and release pre-work for your program on October 7th so you have plenty of time to prepare.

What is a Cohort? 

As part of our 2022 Positive Energy Workplace™ and IEP Method® Programming this year, we will be hosting five IEP Leadership Cohorts. The cohorts are 4-month immersive group experiences designed to deepen your IEP practice, leadership skills, self-care and relationship with yourself, and your impact.

Our first cohorts started this Spring (April-July), the second set (September-December) started last month, and the final Cohort – specifically for LL5+ Leaders will start November 1st and run through March 15, 2023. Cohorts are 10 people per cohort and are led by the ACI Team through a combination of core training (w/Anese) and then monthly cohort meetings and 1:1 Coaching with Cohort Leaders and Coaches.

While many of the IEP Programs this year have been by open enrollment, cohorts have limited space and are by application only. Please read this overview and follow the directions carefully to ensure an excellent fit for this work/experience. Thank you.

NOTE: The LL5+ Cohort has 10 spots and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.


Provide an immersive experience in the IEP work that enables both individual and group learning of IEP, group connection, facilitation of human dynamics and creating safe space, and private work to more intimately work through learning and application.


The following are the components of the cohort and the time commitment to get the most out of it:

  • Pre-work, Accountability Agreement, and Assessment to support your experience (October)
  • IEP LL5+ Leadership Cohort Launch: November 1, 2022 from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm PT (Virtual Session) (November)
  • Monthly 90-minute Cohort Meeting/Training Sessions to dig into content and deepen learning (three over the course of the Program: December, January, February)
  • Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions (50 minutes) to integrate the content personally and get custom support (nine over the course of the Program)
  • Graduation/Completion Group Session (90 minutes) in March
  • Post-Assessment to determine next steps and measure impact

Approximate time commitment for the full program (including pre-work/assignments and live sessions: 26-33 hours).


There will be many ways to engage in the IEP work this year including 2-day IEP Trainings, IEP Learning Labs, self-paced offerings, and more. The cohorts require a high level of commitment, accountability, and some fieldwork in between sessions to optimize the impact of the experience. If participating in a cohort is of interest to you, please follow this process:

  • Complete the Cohort Application below 
  • Submit no later than 11:59pm Pacific on 10.3.22 
  • You’ll receive an email confirming receipt of your application within 48 business hours of submitting (if you don’t receive, please email us at Sandy@ActiveChoices.com)


Please complete the application form below to confirm your interest and understanding of the above. Thank you! We will be back to you by 10.5.22 with information and next steps!

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